VS Mode (Magical Battle Arena)


[edit] Overview

VS mode allows for custom setups of battles between 2-4 characters with a variety of options. This mode allows up to 2 human players to fight over local splitscreen and the computer can fill any spots not taken by human players.

[edit] Character Select

MBA VS CharSelect.jpg

1) Participant Designation

Sets whether this character slot is for player 1, player 2, the computer or is not used. VS mode requires a minimum of two participants though.

2) Chosen Character

Shows the currently selected character. Pressing Z on this will bring up the character wheel, allowing players to change the character or to select the random option. Note that selecting a character with other keys such as A or X can result in alternate color costumes.

3) Team Designation

Shows what team the chosen character is aligned with. Characters can be set to A, B, C or D teams. The default is to set everyone to different teams.

4) Handicap Level

Sets that character's handicap. The lower the number of stars the more damage they will take from attacks.

Clicking OK will advance to the VS options screen.

[edit] VS Options

MBA VS Options.jpg

1) Stage Select

Sets the stage for the current battle. This option can be set to random.

2) Background Music Select

Sets the music to be playing during the battle. This option can be set to random.

3) Battle Type

Sets the battle type. Default option is for each character to have one life each. Second option allows each team to have a number of lives.

4) Team Lives

Only available if the second option is chosen from Battle Type. Sets the number of lives each team has.

5) Bomb Settings

Choses the field bomb setup. Default option is for no bombs (leftmost selection). The other three settings add explosive bombs to the battlefield at increasing numbers with each setting.

6) Timer Setting

Determines how long the battle should last if more than one character continues to survive. The default is infinite (battle won't end until only one remains).

7) Computer Level

Sets the difficulty level of the computer players.

8) Stamina Gauge

Sets the rate that the stamina gauge is depleted. Default is 100. Higher numbers deplete it more slowly and infinite makes it so it doesn't empty at all.

9) Burst Gauge

Sets the rate that the burst gauge fills. Higher numbers fills it faster and infinite makes it so it starts full and doesn't empty at all.

10) Friendly Fire

Determines whether team mates can hurt each other. Default is ON (team mates can hurt each other).

11) Reflect Guard

Determines how the reflect guard gauge works. Can be turned on or off.

12) Reset to Defaults

Puts all options back at their default settings

13) Start

Begins the battle.

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