Touhou Project 8 ~ Imperishable Night

Touhou IN.jpg
Touhou Project 8 ~ Imperishable Night
Develepor(s) Team Shanghai Alice
Publishe(s) Team Shanghai Alice
Genre Shooter
Platform PC

Known as 東方永夜抄 〜 Imperishable Night in Japan, Imperishable Night is the eighth official game in the Touhou series. It was released by Team Shanghai Alice on August 15, 2004, at Comiket 66


[edit] Gameplay

Like the previous games, the player always faces north, shooting down enemies, and dodging patterns of bullets. Each stage has a Mid-Boss and a Boss that must be defeated to move on. Additionally, IN has a unique 'Time' Meter, Last Spells, and meter at the bottom left corner that measures how human and youkai the player is.

[edit] Character Select

In Imperishable Night, you play as a human-youkai pair. To play as the youkai, hold down the focus button (shift); to play as the human, play without using focus. There are a total of four pairs: Illusionary Border Team, which consists of Reimu Hakurei (normal) and Yukari Yakumo (focus), Aria of Forbidden Magic Team, which consists of Marisa Kirisame (normal) and Alice Margatroid (focus), Visionary Scarlet Devil Team, which consists of Sakuya Izayoi (normal) and Remilia Scarlet (focus), and Netherworld Dwellers' Team, which consists of Youmu Konpaku (normal) and Yuyuko Saigyouji (focus).

[edit] Time System

The game begins at 11:00 PM. To advance the time in Gensokyo, 'Time Points' must be collected. Each stage has a quota of points you must receive to move on. There is a Time meter located on the right side of the screen under the points counter that keeps track of how many Time Points you've gotten. If you reach the requirement, the text of the meter will become yellow. If not, it will stay white. If you happen to meet the requirement, then the games advances by half an hour. If not, it advances by a full hour. If the time reaches 5:00 AM or later, you get a bad ending. Also note that if you use a continue, the time automatically advances by half an hour. To gain Time Points, you must shoot enemies as a human, or graze as a youkai. When an enemy is defeated, larger amounts of time points are rewarded.

[edit] Bosses

  • Stage 1 Boss: A Bug of Light Wriggling in the Dark, Wriggle Nightbug

Wriggle is a youkai insect that can manipulate other insects. She sometimes uses this power for her own amusement. When people insult her or insects in any way, she tends to use her powers to fight them.

  • Stage 2 Boss: Night Sparrow Apparition, Mystia Lorelei

Mystia is a Night Sparrow with the ability to induce confusion into others by singing. She loves to use this ability on humans, so she wanders near the road leading to the nearby human village.

  • Stage 3 Boss: Half-beast of Knowledge and History, Keine Kamishirasawa

Keine is a were-hakutaku that owns a school in a human village. She teaches history there. When she is in her human form, she can hide history. When she is in hakutaku form, she can create and change history. She hid the human village from history so they would be protected.

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