Touhou Project 7 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom

Touhou PCB.jpg
Touhou Project 7 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom
Develepor(s) Team Shanghai Alice
Publishe(s) Team Shanghai Alice
Genre Shooter
Platform PC

Known as 東方妖々夢 〜 Perfect Cherry Blossom in Japan, Perfect Cherry Blossom is the seventh official game in the Touhou series. It was released by Team Shanghai Alice on August 17, 2003, at the 64th Comiket. The demo was released on December 30, 2002, at the 63rd Comiket.

[edit] Gameplay

PCB has the same gameplay elements as EoSD, along with it's own unique features. Sakuya has joined Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame as playable characters, and a 'Cherry Meter' has been added. PCB allows players to view their character's hit box by using the focus button, a feature picked up by all the following games. There is also a Practice Start, where players can practice playing levels they have already played. Note that you must use the same character and difficulty to practice the stage.

[edit] Cherry Meter

This meter keeps track of the Cherry, CherryMax, and Cherry+. Cherry is increased by shooting enemies and collecting Cherry Points. If you shoot an enemy while focusing, then the Cherry value is decreased. Cherry+ and CherryMax increase as Cherry increases. Cherry Points are worth 1000 Cherry a piece. To add on to that, they also increase your points. The higher on the screen you are, the higher their value becomes. Like point icons, if you collect them at their highest value, it is shown in yellow text. Otherwise, it is shown in white text. Note that on Stages 6, Extra, and Phantasm, when an spell card has been captured, all remaining bullets turn into Cherry Points, They are each worth 100 Cherry, and also award points. CherryMax can also be increased by grazing. If you are grazing while focusing, you gain only 30 CherryMax. If you aren't focusing, you gain 80 CherryMax.

When you reach 50000 CherryMax, then you go into 'Supernatural Border' mode. During Supernatural Border, a 'border' appears around your character, and shrinks as time passes. After 9 seconds, it ends. If you are hit during Supernatural Border, you don't die. All bullets on screen are turned into Mini Cherry Points upon being hit or using a bomb. If you survive Supernatural Border, you get a bonus of 10000 CherryMax points.

[edit] Difficulty

To get a bad ending, play on any difficulty, using any character, and use a continue. To get a good ending, play on any difficulty without using a continue.

  • Easy - 'Entrance - For people who don't like shooting games much.'
  • Normal - 'Normal - For people who are comfortable with shooting games.'
  • Hard - 'Difficult - For people who play arcade shooting games.'
  • Lunatic - 'Marvel - For weird people.'
  • Extra - 'Liu Feng - The road that shouldn't be taken.
  • Phantasm - 'Fantasy - Planned chaos.'
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