Touhou Project 10 ~ Mountain of Faith

Touhou MoF.jpg
Touhou Project 10 ~ Mountain of Faith
Develepor(s) Team Shanghai Alice
Publishe(s) Team Shanghai Alice
Genre Shooter
Platform PC

Known as 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith in Japan, Mountain of Faith is the tenth official game in the Touhou series. It was released by Team Shanghai Alice in August 2007 at Comiket 72.

[edit] Gameplay

Like the previous installments, the player faces to top of the screen, and focuses on shooting down enemies while dodging bullets. Unlike it's predecessors, the Graze meter is absent, as well as the bomb count. The bomb counter has been replaced by 'options'. Collecting power-ups gets the player more options, and bombing depletes their current power, using up an option. Because of this, players can still automatically collect items at the top of the screen despite not being on Full Power.

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