TWilight INSanity

TWilight INSanity
TWilight INSanity Cover
Developer(s) Eikyu Loop
Genre Shooting
Platform PC
Release Date 2007 JP


[edit] Introduction

TWilight INSanity is a vertical shooter from Eikyu Loop, which was followed up by TWilight refrAIN. This is a vertical shooter that throws waves of bullets at the player while challenging them to shoot down enemies.

[edit] Characters

List of characters in TWilight INSanity

[edit] Gameplay Overview

Players get to choose a pair of characters from 3 available options and then must play through a number of vertical scrolling stages. Many enemies and some powerful bosses appear and will fire bullets in patterns that the player must try and avoid to survive, while firing their own attacks back. Most enemies will be destroyed quickly but bosses have health gauges, possess several phases and have their own "bomb" phase as a last resort.

Players can use the basic firing attack (the style of which differs depending on who is currently being used) and tension attacks, which are basically this game's bombs. Only one character of the chosen pair are onscreen at any time but the player can switch between them at the tap of a button, changing the firing and tension styles accordingly.

[edit] Controls

Note that these are the default keyboard commands. A gamepad can also be used.

Arrow Key Up - Move up.
Arrow Key Down - Move down.
Arrow Key Left - Move left.
Arrow Key Right - Move right.

Z - Main attack.
X - Tension.
C - Switch character.
Esc - Pause.

[edit] Detailed Mechanics

Main attack

The player's "bullet" style of attack, where a stream of rapid fire projectiles are fired towards the top side of the playing area. This attack can be used without limit although holding the attack will slow the movement of the player character. This will be the primary means of defeating enemies.


This game's versions of bombs. When tension is activated the player loses 1 tension stock to rid the screen of bullets, unleash an attack where the style depends on the current character and grants a very brief moment of invulnerability.

If the player is hit by an attack and has any spare tension then the attack is nulled and tension is activated automatically. However, this will use up all remaining tension stock regardless of how many the player had.

Switch Character

Only one character will be active at any given time. By pressing a button the player will switch to the other character, changing the main attack and tension attack used.


Determines how much you can die before having to resort to using a continue. Tension stocks are returned to 2 when a life is lost.


This value is affected by things such as enemies onscreen and getting hit. The lower the P-Rate the better, as a high P-Rate will affect the route taken through the game.

Twins Gauge

This value determines the balance between the chosen duo. When one character is used this gauge increases on their side and decreases on their partner's side.


Simply tracks the amount the player has "grazed" enemy bullets (where the player character comes extremely close to getting hit by an attack without actually getting hit).

[edit] External Links

Official TWilight INSanity Website

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