Soichiro (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Kuzuki Soichiro
Health 10000
Magic Circuits 1 1/2


[edit] Introduction

The calm and cool history teacher Kuzuki-Sensei! Don't let his profession fool you, he is one of the most dangerous masters of martial arts around. He is Caster's 2nd master and Assassins "Grandmaster." His fist techniques are so fast and powerful that he has been capable of taking down the most powerful masters and servants by himself, at the same time!

[edit] Command List

[edit] Weak Attacks

A A quick punch that can be chained consecutively 4 times. 6 times against a walled opponent. Does 85 damage.

2A A quick low hitting punch. Does 85 damage.

8A A quick punch that can be linked into an air grab. Does 80 damage.

1AA A quick 2 punch combo. Does 385 damage.

236A A quick three hit combo that ends with the enemy being slammed onto the ground. Does 555 damage.

[edit] Mid Attacks

B A quick punch with a decent reach. Does 225 damage.

8B A mid-air punch. Does 240 damage.

1, 6, or 7B Soichiro's arm extends hitting the enemy 3 times as far doing high damage. The extension is instantaneous making it one of the fastest attacks in the game. Does 435 damage.

2B A quick uppercut. Does 225 damage.

214B Soichiro takes a step forward and attacks with his elbow and knee at the same time. This is able to counter any attack and many Last Resorts. Does 435 damage.

236B A quick two punch combo ending with an uppercut that launches the enemy in the air. Does 750 damage.

[edit] Strong Attacks

C A quick left hook. Does 225 damage.

8C A punch in mid-air. Does 240 damage.

2C A sweeping punch that trips the enemy. Does 330 damage.

4C Soichiro extends his arm and strikes behind the enemy bringing them towards him. Does 435 damage.

6C Soichiro spins and hits the enemy with the back of his hand. Does 645 damage.

[edit] 236 Dash

236DA Soichiro charges forward extremely fast and delivers a punch that sends the enemy flying back. Does 480 damage.

236DB Soichiro charges forward and delivers an uppercut that sends the enemy into the air. Does 805 damage.

236DC Soichiro charges forward and strikes with his elbow stunning the enemy. Does 435 damage.

[edit] Support

6AB Soichiro charges forward and extends his arm striking the enemy 3 times. Does 1350 damage.

2AB Soichiro uses his knee and elbow counterattack to save his servant.

[edit] Throws

BC A quick two punch combo that knocks the enemy into the ground. Does 1600 damage.

BC(while enemy is stunned.) A quick two punch combo that knocks the enemy down, next Soichiro brings back his arm to deliver a punch to crush the enemy's head. Does 2800 damage.

8BC A quick 2 punch combo that sends the enemy into the ground. Does 960 damage.

[edit] Maneuvers

44 Soichiro sways backwards to dodge incoming attacks.

66 Soichiro sways forward to catch the enemy by surprise.

D Soichirou sways counterclockwise to dodge the opponent's attack.

2D Soichirou sways clockwise to dodge the opponent's attack.

236D Soichiro sways several times forward almost completely closing in the distance between him and his enemy in almost an instant.

[edit] Follow Ups

2BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Soichiro hits the enemy while they are down. Does 420 damage.

8BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Soichiro leaps into the air and delivers a punch straight into the enemy's chest. Does 1120 damage.

[edit] Last Resorts

236236A Uses 1 magic circuit, Soichiro brings his fist back and then launches a flurry of punches too fast for the human eye to see. Does up to 1900 damage.

236236B Uses 2 magic circuits. Soichiro launches a punch into the enemy's chest after which he catches them into a choke hold. Next he throws them into the nearest wall stunning them with enough time for an unavoidable grab followup. Does 3650 damage.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Overview

Soichiro manuevers around the battlefield likes he's strolling in the park, he closes in on the enemy instantly, he has high hp, high damage, high attack speed, and lots of combos. What do they do to try to balance him? He only has 1 1/2 magic circuits. Which is still too much!

[edit] Approaching

Alright this is an incredibly complex strategy used to approach the enemy and striking first.. 236D A, B, or C. That's it. The distance covered is ridiculous, as is the speed of all 3 of those attacks.

[edit] comboing

All of his combos are from ground fighting. Some attacks string into others but it will always end with you launching the enemy into the air. At this point you either slam them into the ground or use a Last Resort to combo them even further. The first last resort does many additional hits and then can smash an enemy against a wall. His second can setup whole new combos assuming the enemy hits a wall. Get creative with mixing his Last Resorts and you may find some interesting things.

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