Sayuri Kurata (Eternal Fighter Zero)

Sayuri Kurata
Sayuri efz.jpg
Original Series Kanon
First EFZ Appearance Eternal Fighter Zero
Combat Style (Magical Girl) Wand


[edit] Introduction

Sayuri Kurata is a supporting character from the visual novel Kanon. Her appearance and style marks her background as one from a rich family, although Sayuri makes little reference to it. She is Mai's best friend against Mai chased off a dog at school. Her insistance on referring to herself in the third person stems from a tragedy in her childhood involving her younger brother.

In EFZ, Sayuri is a magial girl that uses a magic rod that can change shape. Her style is that of a close range pressure fighter.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Basic Weak Attacks


Basic weak punch. Fast and decent combo starter.

A (crouching)

More weak jabs, aimed low. Good for combo starting against targets that love to do standing guards.

A (midair)

Quick punch aimed down. Lacks range and Sayuri generally lacks good launchers to turn this into a strong air combo move.

[edit] Basic Mid Attacks

B (close)

A swift kick. Unusually this is a low attack that will hit through an enemy standing guard.

B (far)

Sayuri swings the magic rod. Decent rangerd far attack.

B (crouching)

Sayuri turns the rod into a sword and thrusts it at a 45 degree angle up. This is not a low attack but does have better range than B (close).

B (midair)

An aerial kick. Better range may make this a better approach option than A and links easily into an aerial C.

[edit] Basic Strong Attacks


Sayuri transforms her rod into a driver and then slams the opponent of their feet. Both actions count as hits, with the second hit having more range. The first hit can be move cancelled into specials, but following up on the second hit is only possible with an IC.

C (crouching)

Sayuri turns her rod into a mace and does an upward swing. If you plan on chaining specials off a C attack a lot then it may be worth using this as it has about the same range as C's first hit. Does not hit low.

C (midair)

The rod turns into a circular saw that is aimed down at a 45 degree angle. Good approach that you may want to link from an aerial B to maximize damage.

[edit] Throws

6C (close, ground)

Sayuri picks up her opponent and then tosses them high behind her.

6C (close, air)

Sayuri grabs her opponent with her hand, unloads magical energy into them and then slams them down at a 45 degree angle.

[edit] Other

44 or 66 (ground)

Forward dash is treated as a jump where Sayuri rises into the air while moving forward and covers about 3/4 of the screen. Therefore she has no dash attacks and instead uses aerials out of her dash. Her back dash is a quick jump that covers about 1/3 of the screen.

44 or 66 (midair)

Sayuri covers the whole screen while air dashing in either direction.

[edit] Special Attacks

236 + A,B or C (ground)

Sayuri fires large slow moving star(s) out that travel across the screen and shocks the target on contact. This attack is low damage and not fast enough to rely on it for projectile spam but it can mess with approaches as their size can make getting past and setting up a counter tricky. Use sparingly.

A version

Fires one star low.

B version

Fires one star high.

C version

Fires two stars - one low and one high. Uses RF energy.

236 + A,B or C (ground)

Sayuri fires a large slow moving star at an angle depending on the button pressed and shocks the target on contact. Mainly used to fake out an aerial approach but not too useful.

A version

Star travels mostly horizontal across the screen.

B version

Star travels at a 45 degree angle down.

C version

Star travels even more downward than B.

623 + A,B or C

Transforms the rod into a sword and performs some attacks.

A version

A quick dash slice that causes knockdown. Used for surprise due to its fast speed.

B version

An upward slash followed by a downward attack. Not terribly useful, especially as the first attack can both miss at point blank range but can leave you open if blocked.

C version

A three hit combo starting with an upward slash, then downward and finishing with a horizontal slash that causes knockdown and will cause wallbounce if near the edge of the stage. Uses RF energy. Unlike B version, the downward swing is classed as an overhead attack and so can't be crouch guarded. The wallbounce property may make this worth trying as a combo finisher but be careful of successful blocks.

214 + A,B or C

Sayuri strikes a pose for a moment. If the opponent hit her during that time she cancels their attacks and throws them. She also remembers the attack they used for use during the followup that is possible.

>> A, B or C on blockstun

After using the above counter, Sayuri will flash white if she blocks the same attack afterwards. Pressing an attack button during this time will cause Sayuri to counterattack with an unavoidable attack. This can seriously mess up an opponent by adding layers of danger to one of their own attacks, but bear in mind that it's not useful against projectile spammers. The attack she counters with this can be changed by using her counter throw move against a different move.

41236 + A,B + C

Sayuri dashes forward in an attempt to grab the opponent. If succesful she will drag the victim to the stage wall opposite her (regardless of distance) and slam them into it.

A version

Initial dash covers 1/2 a screen.

B version

Initial dash covers 2/3 a screen.

C version

Initial dash covers the whole screen. Uses RF energy but causes more damage and will always cause wallbounce, making it ideal for followup attacks.

421 + A,B or C (midair)

Sayuri coats herself in electrical energy and then dives down at a 45 degree angle. Not as useful as it seems.

A or B version

Straightforward electrified dive downward.

C version

Uses RF energy but there's no damage increase (despite it hitting twice instead of once). It also has the property of hurting opponents that touch Sayuri during the startup, but not worth using RF for.

[edit] Eternity Specials

236236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

Sayuri turns her rod into a gun and starts firing on the opponent. A number of special agents will join her in the gunfight depending on the level of the attack. As well as being a quick ranged attack this move will also cause some notable damage even if its blocked, making it one of the game's best ES attacks.

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Two agents join Sayuri for the gunfight.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Four agents join Sayuri for the gunfight.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Six agents join Sayuri for the gunfight.

2141236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

A booster version of her dashing command throw. Sayuri will dash towards her opponent and attempt to grab them. If successful she will slam them into the walls either side of the stage a number of times. Her gunfire ES is better though as the attack power is roughly the same and if this one is blocked then it's just wasted SP power.

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Slams the opponent into walls 1 time.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Slams the opponent into walls 2 times.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Slams the opponent into walls 3 times.

6321463214 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

A command throw where Sayuri attempts to grab the opponent in front of her. If successful they are helpless as lightning bolts rain down, although only the last set of bolts actually hit for high damage. If the grab misses then a few bolts still rain down but not as many. Sayuri does not move to perform the grab but, unlike her other command throws, this one is unblockable. Useful if you're against a guard happy opponent, but the lengthy command input and need to be very close may make it easier to just take a offence loss and go with her gunfire. A version uses 1 SP bar, B version uses 2 SP bars and C version uses 3 SP bars. Damage increases with each level.

[edit] Final Memory

2A2S (Requires 3 SP bars and 1/3 health remaining)

Sayuri instantly vanishes and reappears right above the opponent. If she lands on them they are slammed into the ground, whereby Sayuri proceeds to spin wildly on top on them to lay on the damage. It's frighteningly fast but if the opponent is already moving when you do this then she'll miss. Best used to punish a missed attack or for projectile fighters that are left vulnerable by their own attacks. Fortunately, this attack will hit aerial opponents and is unblockable too and that small command input makes this very useful.

[edit] Strategies

Get In Close

Sayuri's not a ranged fighter. You can use her shooting stars to mess around with other melee fighters but typically they're too slow to be relied on all the time. Inparticular Sayuri would lose against actual projectile specialists this way. Get in close and make them feel the pressure. You may need to rely on aerial approaches against projectile spammers, otherwise her 41236+attack commmand throw can be used as one.


Seriously, get used to move cancelling her normal C into specials. Linking it into her sword combo or dash grab can prove useful, especially when using the RF versions and scoring a wallbounce. A,A,B,B,C,41236C is a quick combo that lets you followup with a juggle combo. You can also try linking off a 2C instead if you want. Bear in mind how unusual her B move is too, since the standing version hits low. Use this to your advantage a opponents trying standing guards, then mix in overheads when they start trying to crouch guard you. Her ground dash lifts her into the air, letting you link into B then C for overheads and then go into a ground combo (though doing this you may need to ditch the two A inputs for the ground combo or risk pushing the opponent too far back).

Eternity Specials

Her gunfire one should be the attack of choice. It's damaging, period. The unblockable command throw is too lengthy to put in and easily misses and the dashing command throw does nothing if it's blocked. Her Final Memory is worth using though, but always keep an eye on the best chance to unleash it. You want to land on the opponent, not next to them.

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