Nayuki Minase (asleep)(Eternal Fighter Zero)

Nayuki Minase (asleep)
NayukiA efz.jpg
Original Series Kanon
First EFZ Appearance Eternal Fighter Zero
Combat Style Keropi & sleep-fu


[edit] Introduction

Nayuki is a leading character from the visual novel Kanon and is one of the obtainable girls. She is Yuichi's cousin who has always liked him tremendously since childhood and is forced to properly confront those feelings when other girls start appearing on the scene.

In EFZ, Nayuki is all about close range combat. She possesses a myriad of fast combos that connect and link very easily, with her talents increasing as she stores jam. Rushdown style of play is the best approach here. Her fighting style - where she apparently fights while in a sleepy state - is a reference to her role in Kanon where she has an extremely hard time waking up in the mornings. Note that keropi is the name of the large green frog toy she has, which is used in many of her attacks.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Basic Weak Attacks


She turns around and delivers a swift short ranged kick. Good fast attack that hit up to 4 times (5th hit will always miss(. A fine way to start off combos but there are some superior options.

A (crouching)

She curls up like a cat and proceeds to spin around and whip out a cat-like tail with every press of the button. This move can hit up tp 5 times (with a 6th hit missing). It has about the same range as A but more power behind it so it works as a better combo starter. Plus the speed and low angle is enough to really catch opponents off guard.

A (midair)(also possible from any dash)

Nayuki assumes a body slam position, where any part of her body that connects will cause damage. Hits multiple timesby repeatedly pressing the button. This is one of Nayuki's best approaches as it is ridiculously fast and links perfectly into followup attacks. Recovers instantly when she touches the floor and can even be linked into other aerial attacks. Doing this from an air dash (66A) makes a perfect opening.

[edit] Basic Mid Attacks

B (close)

A quick karate chop. A fine attack to use during a combo, but the range is similar to her A attacks.

B (far)

A twirling dive forward that hits multiple times. A good attack that helps her to close in on targets. Can be move cancelled on hit to link into practically anything, which is highly recommended as she will suffer ending lag otherwise when she hits the floor.

B (crouching)

A quick split kick. Can't actually be linked into, as Nayuki will do a twirling dive instead if another attack is used immediately before this one. A bit pointless.

B (midair)(also possible from any dash)

Nayuki spins around in the air delivering multiple hits. Similar to A except more damage and less speed. Move cancels into aerial C and can link straight into ground attacks upon landing. Just like A (midair) makes for a good approach.


Nayuki leaps forward and performs an aerial split kick. Unfortunately it is too slow to have any real use and can't be cancelled into anything. Usable only at 2+ jams; not that you'd miss it anyway. If anything, just be careful you're still not pressing towards the opponent while comboing when using B attacks.

[edit] Basic Strong Attacks


Nayuki performs an overhead slam with keropi with great range and power. Works as an antiair that will slam opponents into the ground near you in a knockdown state, ready for the next round of assaults. Can be move cancelled via special attacks, and you better learn how to if you use this move for ground combos. Fail to move cancel and Nayuki will proceed to hop forward after the attack utterly defenceless. Try linking into her flying kick for good effectiveness.

C (crouching)

Nayuki holds keropi in front of her and then pulls back in an arc. Can also be used as an antiair and is one of Nayuki's best combo moves. This is because it launches the opponent and can be jump cancelled on hit, letting you follow up with a nasty aerial combo before they can even recover. Horizontal range isn't as impressive as her other C attacks.

C (midair)(also possible from any dash)

Nayuki pulls keropi out and swings it around hard. Good range and will bat away aerial targets some distance. It's the perfect way to end an aerial combo. Also possible from dashes, but dash A or B are better since they more easily translate into combos.

[edit] Throws

6C (close, ground)

Nayuki grabs the opponent by the feet and launches them high and backwards. Ending lag means there is no room for followup.

6C (close, air)

Nayuki grabs the opponent around the next and throws them at speed behind her.

[edit] Other

44 or 66 (midair)

Unusally, Nayuki's air dashes actually count as attacks, but require high levels of jam. At 8 jam the beginning of the air dash will cause damage and knockback. At 9 jams every part except hitting the floor will cause damage and knockback. Ideally you should be move cancelling out of air dashes though. At less than 8 jams Nayuki's air dashes do not affect the opponent.

[edit] Special Attacks


Nayuki raises a jam jar above her head, before crouching down and eating a spoonful. This increases her jam level by 1. She starts all fights with 3 and loses 1 whenever she is knocked down by the enemy (Nayuki knocking herself down doesn't do anything). Obviously Nayuki is defenceless for a brief moment so make use of knockdown/knockback attacks to create chances to store jam. Abilities improve as more jam is stored and some attacks are only usable at a certain jam level. Store 9 and go wreck havoc.


Nayuki raises a jam above her head and then instantly recovers. Jam level is not increased with this move, as it is designed to fake out opponents trying to take advantage. Can still be a little laggy though as it doesn't really cancel into anything. Better to actually store the jam up.

236 + A,B or C

A version

Nayuki drops keropi in front of her before kicking it. This is a low angled attack that travels across approx 3/4 of the screen width. Really her only ranged attack outside of eternity specials and can be good for setting up approaches. However, it can be hit out of the way so don't use it against projectile specialists.

B version

Nayuki drops keropi in front of her before kicking it. This move launches keropi up at a 45 degree angle, making it good for catching aerial opponents. However, I would advise the basic C attacks over this as they are easier to follow up.

C version

Nayuki drops keropi in front of her before kicking it. A better version of A where keropi is kicked fully across the screen and hits multiple times. Consumes RF energy. A decent ranged attack but the RF energy is probably better suited to her closer range specials or IC for combo purposes.

623 + A,B or C (Requires Jam Level 2+)

A version

Nayuki does a single flying kick forwards. Fast, strong and good knockback. Ideal for pressing an opponent into the corner.

B version

Nayuki performs a flying kick forwards. The power and number of hits depends on the jam level. At low levels this is weaker than A and hits once, but at higher levels it does more damage and hits 3 times. Use at high jam levels.

C version

Nayuki performs a flying kick forward and upwards. This move's number of hits is 3 + current jam level, meaning you have a potential for 12 hits off this move alone and it finishes with a knockdown. Powerful and will push the opponent back while Nayuki goes with them. Consumes RF energy, but it's a good use for it.

41236 + A,B + C (Requires Jam Level 1+)

A version

Nayuki rolls forward and finishes with a kick. Surprisingly fast so it works as a catch out attack. The startup delay means it doesn't really translate into combos too well.

B version

Nayuki rolls backwards and finishes with a kick. Technically this can hit but you'll almost never be able to do it. Instead this is more used as an escape move while tricking the opponent into thinking you're attacking. Not as useful as it sounds given that Nayuki's main combat style is rushdown pressure.

C version

Same as A except that the rolling itself hits multiple times instead of just the kick. Uses RF energy and makes a fine combo finisher. I honestly think the flying kick would work better in combos due to better knockback to set up wall combos but might be handy if the opponent is trying to keep a little distance (eg characters like Mai).

214 + A,B or C

Nayuki drops down to the floor face down on Keropi. Somewhat resembles her knockdown state, but she doesn't lose any jam from this. This move alone doesn't do anything but has these followup attacks:

>> S

Nayuki eats a jam. Same as her normal S except the startup animation is cut out, making the move over more quickly. More designed if you assume the knockdown position and have no attack to use.

>> 2S

Nayuki raises a jam jar above her head but doesn't increase jam level. Exactly the same as her normal 2S but pointless as S in this position already has a cut down animation.

>>4S or 6S

Nayuki rolls in the direction pressed. Unlike her normal rolls there are no attacks attached but can be move cancelled into attacks. Good for surprise approaches or beating a hasty retreat.

>> A

Nayuki leaps forward in a body slam pose. Same as her A aerial attack.

>> B

Nayuki throws keropi up in the air, which then falls back down. You can change where it falls by pressing 4 or 6 as it goes up. Good for covering all ranges and the like but a bit slow and will likely be blocked.

>> C

Nayuki performs an overhead slam with keropi. Same as her normal C attack, complete with move cancelling property and ending lag if not cancelled.

>> 2C

Nayuki pulls keropi up and above her head. Same as her normal 2C. Good for antiair and setting up launcher combos.

[edit] Eternity Specials

236236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Nayuki plants a black keropi at her feet, which explodes after a few moments. Has about 1/3 screen range but the damage is reduced when at a distance. Ideal if you have someone trapped against a wall, but otherwise poor. Increases in damage as jam level increases.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. More powerful version of A.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Even more powerful version of A.

214214 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Nayuki summons two keropi dolls that fire four laser blasts. Nayuki can move during this, allowing you to chase opponents. Knockback can help push them into a corner too, ready to followup with punishing wall combos. Excellent eternity special.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Nayuki fires more lasers than A and causes higher juggling, which somehow makes the move worse. Chances are you'll only hit with a few of the beams before the opponent gets to fall safely to the floor. Works better if you catch the opponent with the bottom neam first but then it's no stronger than A version. Not worth the extra SP energy.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Intense laser spam makes it notably stronger tha n previous versions and juggles better than B version. Good for tacking on damage, although it may be preferable to hold 3 level 1 attacks since that either gives you three chances to push targets back towards a wall or followup with a Level 1 or 2 black keropi.

[edit] Final Memory

C236236 (Requires 3 SP bars and 1/3 health remaining)

Keropi grabs Nayuki, who takes on the appearance of a huge spinning ball with only her head not moving. This attack drills into the target at close range and then Nayuki is launched forward, causing even more hits before causing an explosion. A extremely useful final memory that hits tons of times for high damage, and it can be quite hard to dodge too. Definitely a killer move.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Countering Close Range

Her C attacks let her counter any aerial approach with a myriad of options. Use knockback attacks at first so you can build up your jam level. From there attacking with A or B during a dash lets her approach easily and launching her out of an air dash can close any gap very quickly. Then just keep as close as you can. Most opponents will have more difficulty dealing with Nayuki up close than she does with them.

[edit] Countering Projectiles

Nayuki has little in the way of ranged attacks, and what she does have is either easily countered or her ubers. Air dashing with move cancelling may be her best means of approaching a projectile heavy target. Do remember to build jam levels as well but take care not to be blasted from a distance while doing so. Knockdown attacks work nicely for this.

[edit] Knockback Tactics

Nayuki has a few options that will belt the target back some, and there are two keys reasons for doing this. First is giving her a chance to increase jam level, which is paramount to her success. The second is that catching an opponent up against a wall is a great way to trap them for more damage, so blasting them up against said walls is a good way to set up large damage dealers.

[edit] Basic Comboing

Loads of options for basic easy combos. 66A,A,A,A,B,B,C,623B/C or 66A,A,A,2A,2A,2A,2B,C,623B/C can work well. Finishing up with 623B/C (or even A at low jam levels) is important to move cancel the C attack.

Another potential combo against a walled opponent lets you go 66A,A,A,2A,2A,2A,2B,2C,9A,B,C. This lets you launch the target and follows up with aerial combos. Part of this is possible against a non-walled opponent but you won't be able to follow up with any aerial attacks except C due to knockback.

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