Makoto Sawatari (Eternal Fighter Zero)

Makoto Sawatari
Makoto efz.jpg
Original Series Kanon
First EFZ Appearance Eternal Fighter Zero
Combat Style Long Range


[edit] Introduction

Makoto Sawatari is a leading girl from the visual novel Kanon. She seems to have some connection to Yuiichi's past but neither he nor she can quite remember what it is. All she knows is that she has a grudge against him and constantly tries to pull pranks on him, which often backfire. However, there is a secret to Makoto's existance that will affect her future life.

In EFZ, Makoto makes use of firearms and fireworks in combat in reference to all her pranks. She is well suited to a ranged style of fighting.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Basic Weak Attacks

A (also out of a dash)

Weakly jabs her elbow forward. Fast attack but the range is poor.

A (crouching)

A low kick. Slightly better ranged than her basic A.

A (midair)

A knee thrust forward. Quick but lacks decent range.

[edit] Basic Mid Attacks

B (close)(also out of a dash)

A quick punch forward. The range of this attack is slightly shorter than what the game counts as "close".

B (far)

Fires her gun at a downward angle. Despite how it looks it does not hit low.


A short hop forward to deliver a knee attack. Slow buildup makes it too easy to block and counter.

B (crouching)

A low aimed punch.

B (midair)

A punch delivered straight ahead. Better ranged than A but the angle is not ideal.

[edit] Basic Strong Attacks


Makoto whips out her gun and fires ahead of her. Range is about 1/2 a screen, making it one of the longest basic attacks available. Both the aiming and firing parts count as hits, although the first attack has shorter range. Links easily into specials.

C (crouching)

A slide kick that knocks down opponents. Has to be move cancelled if you plan on following up with specials.

C (midair)

Fires her gun straight ahead. Good range, though not as impressive as her ground C. Mainly used to deal with aerial approach due to its angle.

2C (midair)

Fires her gun down at a 45 degree angle. Has less range that what it looks, and despite the angle does not work well as an aerial approach as it is too easily countered.


Makoto rushes forward and punches the opponent of their feet. Not the best rushdown attack. Technically can be move cancelled, but the speed and distance Makoto knocks the target back may cause specials to either miss or not hit at full force.

[edit] Throws

6C (close, ground)

Makoto grabs the opponent, then nails them with a backflip kick, knocking them away from her.

6C (close, air)

Makoto grabs the opponent and then both disappear from view before reappearing on the ground with the opponent slammed into it with Makoto standing on them.

[edit] Other

44 or 66 (ground)

Her ground dashes are quite fast. Going forward she covers the entire screen and going back she reaches about 1/2 screen.

44 or 66 (midair)

A fairly unique airdash. Makoto brings out a cape and uses it to move. In either direction she moves about 1/2 a screen and then rises up in the air slightly before dropping down.

[edit] Special Attacks

236 + A,B or C

Makato throws a firework or multiple fireworks towards the opponent in an arc. It explodes on contact, but if it misses then it moves back and forth on the ground for a few moments before exploding.

A version

Throws a firework about 1/2 screen.

B version

Throws a firework about 3/4 screen.

C version

Throws several fireworks that cover between 1/2 and 3/4 a screen. Uses RF energy.

623 + A,B or C

Makoto performs a backflip kick straight ahead. Ideally used as part of a close range combo.

A version

Kicks once and knocks the opponent down quickly.

B version

Kicks once and floats the target slightly for a slower knockdown. Hard to take advantage of though.

C version

Kicks twice, with the second kick flinging the target away to cause wallbounce. Very easy to follow up on. Uses RF energy.

214 + A,B or C

Makoto throws a smoke bomb on the ground that continues to spew damaging smoke straight up in the air.

A version

Smoke comes out in bursts and travels along the ground for about 2/3 screen. Great for interrupting approaches on the ground.

B version

The bomb is dropped on the spot and stays there, but a constant stream of smoke bursts out after a moment. An excellent move to use against knocked down opponents as it can wreck wakeup techniques, but do be careful that you have to be close to use it well.

C version

Same as A except travels further (more than a full screen width if you follow it). Uses RF energy but it's a waste really as it doesn't do anything the A version doesn't do already.

412 + A,B or C

Fires her gun at a 45 degree angle, where the bullet will bounce off the edges of the screen at 90 degree angles until it disappears. Can be used to mess up many approaches.

A version

Fires the bullet forward and up. Disappears on contact with the opponent.

B version

Fires the bullet back and up. Disappears on contact with the opponent.

C version

Fires the bullet forward and down. This bullet travels much faster than the other versions and does not disppaear on contact with the opponent, allowing it to hit multiple times. Uses RF energy.

[edit] Eternity Specials

236236 + A,B or C (Requires 1 bar of SP power)

Makoto summons a ball of fire that acts depending on the button pressed. Causes fire damage whenever the opponent touches it and only disappears after a short time has passed. Can be stacked so you can use A version and then add on B or C while A is still onscreen.

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Summons a fireball that floats on the spot at mid-high height.

B version

Uses 1 SP bar. Summons a fireball that floats on the spot at low height.

C version

Uses 1 SP bar. Summons a fireball that floats towards the opponent. Surprisingly not as useful since it tends to float offscreen and so can't throw/knock opponents into it.

214214 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

She leaps into the air and dual wields handguns to unleash a barrage of bullets aimed at the ground ahead of her. Can also be triggered into the air. Each version has different ranges but are slightly better when done close up. The force of her attack will push Makoto back slightly in the air as she fires.

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Range is about 1/3 screen.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Range is about 1/2 screen.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Hits across the whole screen.

641236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

Makoto rages and then leaps forward with a flaming punch. Again, this move has range but works best up close for more damamge. Very dangerous to the opponent if linked off the end of a combo.

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Range is about 3/4 screen.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Hits across the whole screen.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Hits across the whole screen with more powerful.

[edit] Final Memory

263S (Requires 3 SP bars and 1/3 health remaining)

An unusual move in that its point isn't to cause damage. Makoto tosses a meat bun into the air and swallows it whole, which restores about 1/4 of her health gauge. This is quite a useful trait, and combined with its very easy input and that fact that Makoto cannot be interrupted at all during it makes it one of the best Final Memory attacks to be around. Humourously, the opening animation of it can actually cause some scratch damage if the opponent is close enough, but don't factor that into a strategy.

[edit] Strategies


If you're fighting up close, consider carefully what you want to link into. Her backflip kick is really the key move here, especially after coming out of her basic C. It's fast and strong. If you're aiming low and tripping an opponent up you might consider move cancelling into 214B to set up a smoke bomb for when they try a wakeup tech.

Make Them Come To You

Makoto's got some decent ways to do ground approaches, but her speciality comes in messing up her opponent's approaches with her trap style attacks like her fireworks and smoke bombs. This might not work too well against other ranged fighters, but feel free to fire off a bouncing bullet and then use that as cover to rush in while the opponent is still deciding how to deal with the shot.

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