Lord of Nightmares (Magical Battle Arena)

Lord of Nightmares
MBA LoN.jpg
Original Series Slayers
First MBA Appearance Magical Battle Arena Lyrical Pack (Patch Download)
Combat Style Spell Caster


[edit] Introduction

Lord of Nightmares is a deity character from the series Slayers. Though it normally has no form it possessed Lina's body during the series, and it is in this form that she appears in this game. Lord of Nightmares is a hidden character unlocked by playing through mission mode. However, LoN does not appear in the character select. Instead, selecting Lina using the special button will give you Lord of Nightmares.

Lord of Nightmares has some special differences from most characters. She has no normal melee attack and can't quick dash (though normal dashing is fine). She is always in burst mode too with all its benefits, which means she can't recharge stamina as it is always at maximum. As a consequence, her health is constantly draining and using specials and ultimates drain it even more. This health drain can't KO her though - it is still necessary for an opponent to deliver an attack to finish her off.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Regular Attacks

A (Must Be Charged)

Lord of Nightmares's melee attack. She does have a normal attack but must charge it. This attack delivers a dark infused thrust punch that launches the opponent away.


Lord of Nightmares's projectile attack. She fires off a single projectile towards her target.

LoN cannot move while firing. While this move cannot be charged it is generally as strong as a charged projectile of other character's charged shots.


Basic shield ability. Lord of Nightmares raises a shield of darkness in front of her to deflect attacks. Tapping the button along with increase or decrease altitude at close range can allow for teleporting around them.

[edit] Special Attacks

S + A

Lord of Nightmares casts a spell that draws her target in close and then causes a dark explosion in front of her. The effect can catch others that are too close.

S + Z

Lord of Nightmares casts a spell that causes numerous dark explosions to erupt in front of her. Unlike other techniques she will not automatically face her target when this is used but simply fire it in the direction she is facing. The area effect is larger than her S+A spell though but be aware that the area directly in front of her is unaffected and so useless against foes up close..

S + X

Lord of Nightmares instantly teleports to behind her target. This is similar to the normal teleport ability of characters except this one can be used at any range, even if you're at the opposite end of the arena.

[edit] Ultimate Attacks

S + C + A

Lord of Nightmares's first ultimate. She casts a spell that causes a huge dark explosion to erupt on the field inflicting heavy damage. The area of effect is very large and the cast time is relatively short compared to other similarly powered ultimates.

S + C + Z (No Health Bars In Reserve Required)

Lord of Nightmares's second ultimate. Lord of Nightmares summons dark energy where the opponent is to bind them. If successful she assaults them with dark magic before finishing in a powerful blast that knocks them away.

If her initial attack misses this move will fail.

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