Kukuri (Magical Battle Arena)

MBA Kukuri.jpg
Original Series Magical Circle Guru Guru
First MBA Appearance Magical Battle Arena (Patch Download)
Combat Style Long Range


[edit] Introduction

Kukuri is a leading character from the series Magical Circle Guru Guru. She specialises in long range combat. Consequently, her melee capabilities are quite poor, which puts her at a disadvantage in close combat but lethal at range.

Kukuri's specials are unique in the fact that they can randomly trigger a different special instead. This move is also listed in her specials section.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Regular Attacks

A (Chargeable)

Kukuri's melee attack. Tapping the button can produce a simple 3 hit combo where she swings her staff around. The attack can be charged for a single staff strike that knocks the enemy away. Burst mode will increase the amount of chainable hits to 5.

Z (Chargeable)

Kukuri's projectile attack. She can fire 7 shots in succession before a break. Charging the attack will produce a single powerful shot with a bigger stun. Burst mode will increase the amount of chainable hits to 10.

Kukuri cannot move at all when firing.


Basic shield ability. Kukuri raises a blue shield in front of her to deflect attacks. Tapping the button along with increase or decrease altitude at close range can allow for teleporting around them.

[edit] Special Attacks

S + A

Kukuri transforms her UFO platform into a large strawberry, which begins firing small strawberries rapid fire at the target. Her platform will cease fire and transform back after a set time. During the attack Kukuri is unable to perform any other action other than moving, changing altitutde and performing a reflect guard - the latter of which will end the attack early.

S + Z

Kukuri summons a pink spinning orb above her, which draws in nearby opponents and triggers an explosion.

S + X

Kukuri summons a large cat statue that emits strange waves. Enemies caught in these waves will not take damage but their burst gauges will be emptied.


This attack will sometimes randomly occur when Kukuri tries to use any of her other specials.

When this move activates, Kita Kita Oyaji appears next to Kukuri instead. The waves he emits inflicts notable damage and drains burst gauges, but he causes no stun and thus leaves Kukuri wide open to attack.

[edit] Ultimate Attacks

S + C

Enters Burst Mode. Needed to use ultimate attacks.

S + C + A (Burst Mode Required)

Kukuri's first ultimate. She summons a bizzare spiked floating platform that fires lightning all around itself, inflicting damage on anything it hits. The spread of lightning can wildly affect the actual damage inflicted.

S + C + Z (Burst Mode and No Health Bars In Reserve Required)

Kukuri's second ultimate. Kukuri fires off hearts to trap the foe. If successful she will cast a spell that envelops her in a purple sphere above the enemy. A hole will appear below her target that sucks them in. A cross plaster will slam down onto it, finishing in an explosion.

If Kukuri's initial attack misses this move will fail.

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