Kita Kita Oyaji (Magical Battle Arena)

Kita Kita Oyaji
MBA Oyaji.jpg
Original Series Magical Circle Guru Guru
First MBA Appearance Magical Battle Arena Lyrical Pack (Patch Download)
Combat Style Close Range


[edit] Introduction

Kita Kita Oyaji is a character from the series Magical Circle Guru Guru. He specialises in close range combat. He has difficulties dealing with long range assaults but does better if he can close the distance.

Note that the stated first appearance is where he was first playable. Kita Kita Oyaji was originally part of a random attack unleashed by Kukuri. Through a patch download he becamme playable directly. Like Lord of Nightmares, he must furst be unlocked through playing mission mode and then to select him players must highlight Kukuri and press the special button.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Regular Attacks

A (Chargeable)

Kita Kita Oyaji's melee attack. Tapping the button can produce a 7 hit combo where he produces a series of punches. The attack can be charged for a single double punch that knocks the enemy away. Burst mode will increase the amount of chainable hits to 10.


Kita Kita Oyaji's projectile attack. He launches a single damaing kiss at his opponent. This attack cannot be chained or charged and Kita Kita Oyaji will stop to fire it.


Basic shield ability. Kita Kita Oyaji raises a blue shield in front of him to deflect attacks. Tapping the button along with increase or decrease altitude at close range can allow for teleporting around them.

[edit] Special Attacks

S + A

This is basically the same as the random attack Kukuri will sometimes use. Kita Kita Oyaji will dance on the spot, sending out waves that damage and decrease enemy burst gauges. This attack causes no stun though and will leave him open to attack. Doing a reflect guard can end this attack early.

S + Z (Chargeable)

Kita Kita Oyaji fires off 4 kisses in an arc fashion. If this attack is fully charged then he will fire off 8 kisses, although he cannot move while charging. This attack is likely to miss at close range due to the arc of the attack.

S + X

Kita Kita Oyaji strikes a pose, recovering health equal to approximately half a health bar.

[edit] Ultimate Attacks

S + C

Enters Burst Mode. Needed to use ultimate attacks.

S + C + A (Burst Mode Required)

Kita Kita Oyaji's first ultimate. This is a boosted version of his S+A special. He performs a crazy dance on the spot, inflicting damage and depleting enemy burst gauges on contact with the waves emmitted. Like his special attack, this move will not stun anyone, although the natural shield of ultimates will prevent it from being interrupted quickly.

S + C + Z (Burst Mode and No Health Bars In Reserve Required)

Kita Kita Oyaji's second ultimate. He blows a kiss to his opponent. If it hits the enemy becomes unable to move. Kita Kita Oyaji begins dancing wildly in circles around them increasing in pace and ending in an explosion. Note that only the explosion actually causes damage despite the dancing causing "hits".

If Kita Kita Oyaji's initial kiss misses this move will fail.

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