Kirara Hoshizora (Magical Battle Arena)

Kirara Hoshizora
MBA Kirara.jpg
Original Series Magical Girl Kirara and Sarara
First MBA Appearance Magical Battle Arena
Combat Style Close Range


[edit] Introduction

Kirara Hoshizora is a leading character from the visual novel Magical Girl Kirara and Sarara. She specialises in close range combat. She has difficulties dealing with long range assaults but proves deadly if she can close the distance.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Regular Attacks

A (Chargeable)

Kirara's melee attack. Tapping the button can produce a 7 hit combo where she produces a series of punches and kicks. The attack can be charged for a single thrust punch that knocks the enemy away. Burst mode will increase the amount of chainable hits to 9.


Kirara's projectile attack. She launches a single energy ball at her opponent. This attack cannot be chained or charged and Kirara will stop to fire it.


Basic shield ability. Kirara raises a red shield in front of her to deflect attacks. Tapping the button along with increase or decrease altitude at close range can allow for teleporting around them.

[edit] Special Attacks

S + A

Kirara dashes straight ahead. If she connects with her opponent then she disappears from view and delivers numerous attacks before knocking the opponent away behind her and reappearing.

S + Z (Chargeable)

Kirara launches a powerful energy ball that results in a big explosion. The charged version throws out two energy balls in quick succession at full, but Kirara cannot move while charging it.

S + X (Chargeable)

Kirara raises a green protective shield. If an attack hits the shield while active then the damage is negated and Kirara launches an immediately counterattack. If a close range attack was stopped then the opponent is stunned during the counter.

A fully charged shield lasts slightly longer and covers Kirara completely instead of just the front. Kirara can move while charging.

[edit] Ultimate Attacks

S + C

Enters Burst Mode. Needed to use ultimate attacks.

S + C + A (Burst Mode Required)

Kirara's first ultimate. A large red shield is raised and Kirara uses her attacks to inscribe a star diagram on it. This is then launched ahead with explosive results. Note that Kirara does not automatically track her target but will be fired at where her target initially was when she began the attack.

S + C + Z (Burst Mode and No Health Bars In Reserve Required)

Kirara's second ultimate. Sarara appears on the field and launches a single projectile. If it connects this attack occurs without fail. The girls take up positions either side of the opponent. Sarara fires her laser barrage at the opponent who dodges out of the way. Kirara uses her counter shield to absorb the impact and fires an unavoidable counter attack at the enemy.

If Sarara's initial attack misses this move will fail.

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