Kano Kirishima (Eternal Fighter Zero)

Kano Kirishima
Kano efz.jpg
Original Series AIR
First EFZ Appearance Blue Sky Edition
Combat Style Magic Rod and spells


[edit] Introduction

Kano Kirishima is a leading character from the visual novel AIR. She has much affection to animals and loves to take care of the ones at the school. She wears a ribbon around her arm in the belief that it will grant her magical powers.

In EFZ, Kano is a powerful ranged fighter that unleashes magic attacks for her primary damage dealers. She has a magic gauge that almost all her specials need to use. The gauge needs to be at max for use such techniques; if it isn't then she automatically charges it and then fires off the attack. She's also unique in that her SP bar will charge naturally even when not doing anything.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Basic Weak Attacks

A (also possible from dash)

A quick punch that can hit multiple times. It's range is pretty crappy though so should go with 2A.

A (crouching)

Thrusts her magic rod out. It does not hit low despite her crouching but it works better than 5A.

A (midair)

A punch aimed down. Poor as an approach due to low range but due to hitting multiple times and fast speed it can be lethal as part of an air combo (especially if you jump cancel into it from ground attacks).

[edit] Basic Mid Attacks

B (close)

Slams her rod down in front of her. Good combo move.

B (far)(also possible from dash)

Swings her rod in front of her like a bat. Decent range and useful for linking into further strikes.


Similar to B (far) except the swing reaches further.

B (crouching)

Swings the rod at the feet. Hits low and causes knockdown. Despite the knockdown this can still link into B (far) and so is still a good combo move. You will have to jump cancel out of a C attack though to keep it going.


Similar to B (crouching) except no knockdown. A poor dashing move.

B (midair)

Performs 2 swings of the rod - 1 swings down before following up with an upward swing. The first swing will actually knock airbourne targets to the ground, so the second hit is more if they manage to recoil guard the first hit. Useful aerial.

[edit] Basic Strong Attacks

C (also possible from dash)

A wide swing. Good power and links into a variety of other attacks. Can be jump cancelled on hit, which is useful if you're coming out of a 2B,B attack. Done out of a dash it causes knockdown but still can be jump cancelled so a followup air combo is very possible.


Kano holds her hand out and causes a mini explosion, which causes knockdown. Impossible to follow up with anything but it's more designed to catch out opponents as its range is between 1/3 and 1/2 screen. Can be tagged to the end of a combo depending on how much you're pushing an enemy back but don't use at point blank range as it can miss.

C (crouching)

Kano causes three spikes to appear that launch the opponents into the air. The long recovery time means you can't followup without an IC. Does not hit low.


A quick slide kick that causes knockdown. Not bad but better moves are around.

C (midair)

Kano spins her rod aiming downwards to deliver multiple hits. Only useful as a ground approach due to the angle but can be useful for that.


Dashes forward and twirls her rod in the air. Causes knockdown. You can actually move cancel into 6C with this, but if you want a dashing strike then 66C works better as a followup is much easier.

[edit] Throws

6C (close, ground)

Grabs the opponent and then slams them with her open palm. Not as strong as normal throws.

6C (close, air)

Grabs the opponent and tosses them up and behind. Good air throw, though her air combo possibilities are better.

[edit] Special Attacks


Charges her magic gauge to max.


Instantly charges the magic gauge to max. Uses RF energy. Can be handy if you want to pull off magic quickly, but Kano's style of play rarely needs this.

2 + A,B or C (midair)

Kano rides her rod like a skateboard down in the air. Not a particular good approach though. Button pressed doesn't seem to matter.

236 + A,B or C

Uses magic to summon a lightning bolt onscreen. Useful for discouraging approaching enemies including aerial targets. The button pressed determines the behaviour of the lightning bolt, with the stronger attacks using more magic power.

A version

A single bolt fires 1/2 a screen away.

B version

A single bolt fires 1/2 a screen away and moves to 2/3 screen away.

C version

A single bolt fires 1/2 a screen away and moves to 3/4 screen away.

214 + A,B or C

Kano launches fireballs across the screen to knock the opponent up and off their feet. The stronger the attack button used the more fireballs are fired and thus more magical energy is used.

A version

Fires 1 fireball that hits twice.

B version

Fires 3 fireballs that hit six times.

C version

Fires 5 fireballs that hit between eight to ten times. Very powerful.

412 + A,B + C

Icicles rises above Kano before shooting forward and down at an angle. While lacking power compared to the fireballs they do have some homing traits so they aren't so easy to outright dodge.

A version

Fires 1 icicle.

B version

Fires 3 icicles.

C version

Fires 5 icicles.

[edit] Eternity Specials

236236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power and max magic)

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Kano throws a fireball out that reaches across the whole screen but loses power as it does so. Really pathetic move really as her basic fireball spells can be stronger.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Summons a wall of flame in front of her. Can hit multiple times and stays around for a while while, letting you slam opponents into it for more damage. Useful if you can push people around.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Kano fires numerous fireballs upward at a 45 degree angle, when then start crashing back down around Kano is fiery explosions. The main damage is done by the initial firing, but considering you're free to move during the followup explosion storm then you can really lay on the extra hurt to the enemy. Really power ES attack.

214214 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power and max magic)

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Encases the opponent in ice for a brief moment if they are on the ground. The power isn't impressive but it can't be blocked if the target is on the ground so it can have uses in removing the last bit of health from a stubborn guard happy target.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Launches a snowball across the screen to freeze the opponent. Good damage but it's only slightly more than the C level fireball so the 2 SP bars may not be worth it.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Uses a snow storm to sweep across the screen from Kano's side to the opponent's. Although it reaches across the whole screen it is best at close range. Very damaging attack that can prove devastating.

641236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power and max magic)

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Two lightning bolts fire at an angle about 1/4 in front of Kano. Really, it's a poor move with low damage.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Kano conjures up a b all of electrical energy and fire it across the screen. Has some pretty nice power to it. There is a slow startup so it's easy to see, but when charged it flies across the screen surprisingly fast.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Multiple pillars of light crash down where Kano is standing. High damage output and hard to see coming, but obviously is only useful at close range.

2141236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

Kano throws energy blasts that come out the opposite direction, then swirl around and hit the opponent. A version uses 1 SP bar, B version uses 2 SP bars and C version uses 3 SP bars. Each level increases the energy blasts and damage. Power is lower than the respective levels of her other ES moves. It does have the benefit of not needing a maxed magic gauge (technically she instantly charges it to max during the attack) but the delay makes it easy to avoid.

22B (Requires 1 bar of SP power and max magic)

Kano creates a field of energy where she stands which stays around for a while. Kano benefits from super armour (does not flinch from attacks) while in the field. Only useful when backed into a corner as otherwise it's too easy to get pushed out. Still, might want to save that SP power for her hard hitting attacks.

[edit] Final Memory

2141236S (During Recoil Guard)(Requires 3 SP bars and 1/3 health remaining)

Kano lifts the opponent into the air, holds them for a few moments and then crushes their neck. It can be quite a powerful move but getting the full command in off a recoil guard can be a real nightmare. It's just easier to use her normal Lv3 ES attacks.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Magic Power

All of Kano's specials are designed to keep the opponent away from you. Use this to your advantage by mixing up her specials, then immediately using her S move to charge her magic ready for another round. The higher level specials use up more magic (and thus force a longer recharge of magic) but are typically multihit which can really screw over approach attempts. Recoil guarding becomes useless. Even using her knockback attacks like 6C can help to keep distance.

[edit] Surprise Combos

While Kano is in her element at range, she can be quite dangerous close up if need be. A,A,2B,B,C,9A,A,A,B can produce a solid combo easily enough. Also, don't be afraid to use IC where you want. The only special Kano has that uses the RF gauge is her magic quick charge, which probably isn't needed most of the time.

[edit] Eternity Specials

Kano's Lv1 ES attacks are pointless. Stick to her normal specials and keep building power. Lv2 are very situational, like the lightning one can be seen coming. Really, it's her Lv3 ones you want and make sure you're close when you use them. They can be extremely damaging, which makes her ability to charge SP power naturally all the more worrying.

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