Kanna (Eternal Fighter Zero)

Kanna efz.jpg
Original Series AIR
First EFZ Appearance Blue Sky Edition
Combat Style Wing Strikes


[edit] Introduction

Kanna is a character from the visual novel AIR. As one of the last of the winged race she is revered as a god. During the story she escapes her temple with two of her followers to search for her mother.

In EFZ, Kanna uses her wings as part of her fighting. She is also one of the two bosses of the game.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Basic Weak Attacks


Kanna swipes her arm at the target. It has more range than it seems like and is suitably fast.

A (crouching)

A low aimed punch. Useful for quick low attacks.

A (midair)

Kanna thrusts a sword out ahead of her. Ridiculously fast, Kanna can unleash a hell of a combo spamming this attack alone. It can be jump/dash cancelled on hit too, extending the combo potential.

[edit] Basic Mid Attacks

B (close)

A swift upward slash with her sword.

B (far)

A horizontal slash from her sword. Surprising range for a B attack.

B (crouching)

A crounching horizontal slash. Useful for knocking targets out of standing guards.

B (midair)

An arc slash aimed downwards. Like A (midair) it can be jump/dash cancelled on it for successive followups. Not as fast but is more useful for striking opponents trying to do crouch guards.

[edit] Basic Strong Attacks


A circular slash designed to cover all directions. It makes an excellent combo move on the ground to link into specials, will hit airbourne opponents easily making for an excellent antiair and has virtually no ending lag. Understandably one of the game's best basic C attacks.

C (crouching)

Kanna extends her wings upwards. In contrast to her basic C move this is probably one of the worst attacks. It does not hit low (so makes for a poor commbo move coming off her low attacks) and has little horizontal range. Plus her basic C makes for a more effective antiair.

C (midair)

A slash aimed diagonally down. Extremely fast, making for an excellent aerial attack. Can be dash/jump cancelled on hit.

[edit] Throws

Kanna is not able to use throws.

[edit] Other

44 or 66 (ground)

Her forward dash is treated as a jump and is without doubt an excellent way to kick of aerial combos against standing targets. Forward dash covers the whole screen. Back dash is a quick jump that covers 1/2 screen.

4 or 6 (midair)

Kanna's air dashes work slightly differently to everyone else's. The player only needs to press a direction once to dash. Additionally, Kanna can jump and dash a total of three times before needings to land, and if left idle in the air then she will float slowly to the ground. This can be cancelled into a fast drop by holding one of the down directions or using an attack. Both dashes technically cover the whole screen but her movement loses momentum when she hits the 2/3 mark so she covers the last portion slowly while floating down.

[edit] Special Attacks

236 + A,B or C

Kanna throws a beam of light straight ahead. Can be used in the air too.

A + B version

Hits about 2/3 screen away. Be warned that the visual effect makes the attack seem to have more range than it actually does.

C version

Aerial version is the same as the A and B aerial versions. On the ground it uses up RF energy to hit across the entire screen and causes wallbounce. Very fast and a useful setup attack.

623 + A,B or C

Kanna catches the opponent in a multi hit spinning combo as she rises into the air.

A + B version

Drags the opponent upwards slightly and then knocks them away.

C version

Uses RF energy. Kanna drags the opponent much further into the air before knocking them away, causing over twice as much damage. Powerful finisher for any combo.

214 + A,B or C

Kanna slams her sword into the ground, causing a large stone spike to erupt from the ground. The button pressed determines the distance from Kanna the spike appears. The spike is fairly wide so it has a good chance to hit as long as the right button is used, although can easily be blocked.

A version

The spike appears directly in front of Kanna. Hits between directly in front and 1/3 screen away.

B version

The spike appears about 1/2 screen away. Hits between 1/3 and 2/3 screen away.

C version

The spike appears about 3/4 screen away. Hits between 2/3 and the full screen away.

41236 + A,B or C

Kanna pulls out a bow and uses it to fire energy bolt(s) at the opponent.

A + B version

Fires one bolt that electrocutes the target. While it hits across the whole screen this is slower than her 236 attacks.

C version

Uses RF energy. Kanna unleashes three energy orbs that initially float back and then close in on the target. Best used when putting the opponent under close range combo pressure, otherwise it becomes too easy to block.

[edit] Eternity Specials

236236A (Requires 3 bars of SP power)

Kanna storms numerous feathers that float across the screen in large numbers that electrocute the opponent. The damage can be a bit random but unblocked should at least be on par with other Lv3 ES attacks and potentially can hit for more. Also hard to outright avoid since they fill the screen practically, so useful if keeping your distance.

236236B (Requires 3 bars of SP power)(Ground)

Kanna summons numerous energy swords that erupt from the ground around her. Fast and powerful, this can make for a lethal combo finisher.

236236B (Requires 3 bars of SP power)(Aerial)

Kanna turns both wings into huge blades that perform a scissor cut straight down. Has more horizontal and vertical range than they look and can hit hard. Handy if you want to try an aerial surprise tactic.

[edit] Final Memory

236236C (Requires 3 SP bars and 1/3 health remaining)

Kanna performs an intial short ranged slash. If she connects then she will follow through with a multi hit combo that launches the target into the air. Then she will envelop herself in energy in the shape of a bird, before soaring after the opponent and hitting them with everything in the air. A suitably powerful technique with an easy input.

[edit] Strategies

Pick Your Style

Kanna's already overpowered so she doesn't need specific tactics, but she can easily pick what she wants to do. Up close she has some nasty combos, including aerial and specials, to really rack up the damage. Or you can keep your distance and make use of Kanna's ridiculously fast projectiles and superior movement to maintain a constant advantage.

Aerial Combo

On the offchance that you want to go in close then you might find her aerials tempting, especially as she can do something like 66ABCABC623C off the ground.

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