Illyasviel (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Command Circuits 4 1/2
Command Spells Infinity


[edit] Introduction

Illyasviel is the cold hearted master of the mighty Berserker. Normally the Berserker class is used to strengthen weak servants so that they can compete in the war, however Illyasviel decided to give even more strength to the greek hero Hercules. Normally the strain would cause the master to die but this is a trivial task for this little girl. Illyasviel has a little sister complex with most of the characters and her servant berserker still retains his kindess and gentleness as he fights to protect his master without question despite his insanity.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Abilities

Illyasviel is unique in that she is the only character that doesn't enter battle herself. In fact her loss is decided by the defeat of her servant. While not taking part in battle she has certain unique abilities as a master only she can use.

[edit] Magic Cancel

Using the command spell in the middle of her servant's attack combo will cancel their animation allowing you to use far more followups than you normally would. Each cancel takes one magic circuit but it can open up new combo possibilities that would be impossible with any other master.

[edit] Rescue

Using the command spell while her servant is being attacked will consume one magic circuit to teleport her servant as far away from the enemy as possible.

[edit] Health Regeneration

While she is chosen her servant is supplemented with a constant health regeneration that is double the normal regeneration making her servants live for far longer than any characrter possibly can.

[edit] Mana Regeneration

As well as health regenerating the Servant gets free mana as the battle goes on.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Servant Choice

Illyasviel doesn't enter battle by herself so it's important to pick a servant that can survive on it's own as well as do some damage. Here is a review of each servant.

[edit] Avenger

Very low hp even when supplemented with regeneration. Low damage to begin with. Stupidly large combos. Using cancels properly it's capable of doing combos over 70 hits making up for the low damage, but survivability is still low. Lack of master being able to die makes his second Last Resort do nothing.

[edit] Gilgamesh

Very high hp which is supplemented with regeneration. Very strong ranged attacks and an effective counter. One of the strongest last resorts in the game. High combo ability if a wall is included. Decent combos without cancels. Circuits are used for power ups and last resorts as he needs no cancels and his counters make rescuing worthless.

[edit] Lancer

High Hp and good speed that leaves few opening topped with regeneration makes him a very durable fighter. Like gilgamesh in the sense that he doesn't need magic support though he can take the support to take out lengthy combos. Lancer's main advantage with her is being able to use Gae Bolg(First last resort.) 5 times in a row. This can make short work of just about any opponent on it's own with the possibility of up to 13,000 maximum damage altogether.

[edit] Saber

Like a slower avenger. She has high hp which is supplemented by the regenerations. She has super armor all over the place as well making her survivability second to none. With command spells she has only slightly less combo ability than Avenger but in return she gets nearly twice the power and even has a last resort to finish combos with. Even without Illyasviel's support she can hold her own. A powerhouse in her own right and nearly unstoppable with this little girl at her lead.

[edit] Rider

Works like a more extreme Avenger. Same survivability, slightly more damage, less reach, rediculous combo ability. Her first last resort also drains the enemy's mana and gives it to herself meaning she gains double mana from being still while the enemy is losing it.

[edit] Caster

It's more of a gimmick but it can work. You have very low hp and no combo ability but in exchange you get 8 magic circuits. Caster gains magic very fast to begin with so getting those circuits full isn't a problem. Casters second Last Resort takes away all the enemy command spells so you get 4 attempts at that. You can shoot off 8 Last Resorts at once or you can abuse her ability to fly at the cost of 1 magic circuit each time.

[edit] Berserker

This dude has incredibly high hp that's backed up by her regeneration. If that isn't enough he has super armor all over the place and a large reach. His powerup gives him constant super armor and when he dies he'll come back to life as long as there is a command circuit. He can recover a little under half his hp if he has all 4 circuits after dying. His combo ability is definitely boosted to levels capable of making short work of servants and he is the most stubborn thing you'll ever try to kill. Just try fighting him in the Arcade Mode on normal or hard. You'll start screaming at your computer trust me.

[edit] Archer

Moderate hp and high combo ability. Though he's good on his own he has his own little gimmick going on and the name of the game is Unlimited Blade Works. Due to the infinite command spells and loads of magic circuits he'll have no trouble activating UBW 100% of the time assuming you can cancel properly and keep the enemy suspended in the air long enough.

[edit] Assassin

This is actually a very interesting match for her. He is a person who relies on counter attacks but the health regeneration can keep him alive for a decent amount of time. You still don't want to get hit and you have no combo ability whatsoever that he didn't possess in the first place. The biggest advantage would probably be the ability to use his second Last Resort like you are on crack. His counter attack game leans a little more towards offense and let's you take advantage of the single best close range Last Resort in the game.

[edit] Hasan

As the true assassin he has similar survivability as his counterpart and a lack of counters. He makes up for this with one of the most spammable Last Resorts in the game which with 6 magic circuits WILL be spammed.

[edit] Saber Alter

Like Saber only more emphasized on ground combat instead of air.

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