Ikumi Amasawa (Eternal Fighter Zero)

Ikumi Amasawa
Original Series MOON
First EFZ Appearance Bad Moon Edition
Combat Style Close Range


[edit] Introduction

Ikumi Amasawa is a the main girl from the visual novel MOON. In EFZ, Ikumi is a close range fighter with swift movements. Ikumi has the unique property of drawing blood from her opponents, which charges a blood gauge when it splashes on her. Her attacks can differ depending on the amount of blood she has. Any moves affected directly by the blood gauge will use up 1 bar of blood if the gauge is at 3 bars or higher.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Basic Weak Attacks

A (also from dash)

Performs a high punch that can hit up to 5 times in succession.

A (crouching)

A low angled punch that can strike up to 5 times in a row.

A (midair)

A low angled punch that can hit multiple times.

[edit] Basic Mid Attacks

B (close)

A swift karate chop that spills blood.

B (far)(also from dash)

Ikumi leans forward and thrusts out with her hand, spilling blood.

B (crouching)

Ikumi crouches and leans out, thrusting with her hand to spill blood.

B (midair)

Performs a low angled swipe that draws blood.

[edit] Basic Strong Attacks

C (also from dash)

Ikumi kicks her opponent. THe attack causes her to move forward slightly.

C (crouching)

Ikumi performs a sliding kick that knocks the opponent off their feet.

C (midair)

Performs a high angled kick. This is more for hitting airborne opponents.


Ikumi does a quick running flip kick that knocks the opponent away.

[edit] Throws

6C (close, ground)

Ikumi grabs the opponent, causes a mini explosion and then drops them.

6C (close, air)

Ikumi grabs the opponent, plunges her hand into them and causes an explosion that throws them away.

[edit] Other

44 or 66 (ground)

Forward dash covers 3/4 screen. Back dash is a hop that covers 1/3 screen.

44 or 66 (midair)

Both air dashes cover about 2/3 screen.

[edit] Special Attacks

236 + A,B or C

Ikumi suddenly dashes forward and strikes her opponent. Affected by blood gauge.

A version

Simple fast strike. Blood gauge increases damage and blood spilt.

B version

Stronger strike. Blood gauge increases the number of hits to 2 or 3.

C version

Delivers a strong strike that knocks the opponent off their feet. Uses RF energy.

623 + A,B or C

Ikumi hops forward and delivers a twin overhead slash, spilling blood. Affected by blood gauge. The lower variants of this move are slower but Ikumi hops higher. If performed relatively close then Ikumi will likely leap over her opponent upon successful hit. C version uses RF energy.

214 + A,B or C

Ikumi summons a blood cyclone to hit the opponent. The button pressed determines where the cyclone appears. A version appears directly in front of Ikumi, B version appears 1/3 screen away and C version appears 2/3 screen away.

41236 + C

Ikumi attempts to grab her opponent. If successful she plunges her hand into them and then violently pulls it out, spilling a lot of blood and throwing her opponent away.

Max Blood Gauge

No button command for this move. Ikumi automatically enters Genocide Mode when her blood gauge hits max. During this time her offence and speed is greatly increased and her actions cannot be interrupted by enemy attacks. However, she loses the ability to guard against attacks.

This mode will drain her blood gauge, causing it to end when empty.

[edit] Eternity Specials

214214 + A,B or C (Requires 1 bar of SP power)

Ikumi leaves a ghost clone of herself where she stands, which goes to attack her opponent. Clone Ikumi disappears if the real Ikumi is hit by an unguarded attack. Players can stack Ikumi clones as well.

A version

Clone Ikumi rushes forward and performs her 236 special.

B version

Clone Ikumi waits until the opponent is close and after a while approaches the opponent and performs a combo that knocks the opponent skyward.

C version

Clone Ikumi approaches the opponent and summons a blood cyclone where they stand.

2141236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

Normally this is a 2 part attack. The first input causes no damage but causes Ikumi to plant her attack into the ground. The SP is used at this point. Upon using the attack again blood will erupt from the ground, inflicting damage based on the button input used initially.

When in Genocide mode Ikumi does the planting and damaging attack in one go.

4123641236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

Ikumi attempts to grab the opponent. If successful a blood cyclone appears to rend the opponent, spilling blood. The button pressed determines the amount of SP used and the damage caused. The C version spills the most blood out of all of Ikumi's moves.

[edit] Final Memory

236236236C (Requires 3 SP bars and 1/3 health remaining)

Ikumi performs a very sudden dash kick. If it hits unguarded the opponent is sent skyward, where Ikumi's friends join in and perform aerial attacks. Ikumi finishes by causing blood to erupt up and hit the opponent. The move finishes with a pose by everyone involved.

[edit] Strategies and Notes

  • Ikumi is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep twice.
  • Ikumi's Medium attacks chain as follows: 5B(c) 5B(f), or 2B 5B(f).
  • Ikumi has a "Blood" meter underneath her life gauge, which is split up into 8 bars. Ikumi fills this meter by either letting blood splash on her, or to a lesser extent by running over blood on the ground before it disappears. Many of Ikumi's attacks cause blood to be spilled in various amounts. Based on the blood meter, Ikumi has access to 3 levels of power
  • Blood Level 1 (0-2 filled bars): Meter is red. Ikumi's initial and weakest state.
  • Blood Level 2 (3-5 filled bars): Meter is orange. Many of Ikumi's special moves increase in damage and/or speed. However those moves now consume 1 blood bar each time they are used.
  • Blood Level 3 (6-8 filled bars): Meter is yellow. Many of Ikumi's special moves increase in damage and/or speed yet again. They still cost the same amount.
  • Ikumi's dash is one of the fastest, if not the fastest in the game. Use Ikumi's dash speed to pressure the opponent. The forward momentum of a dash can lead to a lot of close 2As, all possible lead-ins to throws, overheads, or more delayed hits. You can also just dash in and do a command throw once they start blocking more than they should.
  • BnB combo: (close) 2A 5BBC 236A [Ic] 66A 41236C. Does about 2200 damage and should give you 2 to 3 blood bars. It requires at least red RF meter. If the opponent is against the corner, you can add a few more hits after the 41236C, such as 5BC j.C j.ABC.
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