Hasan (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Health 11900
Magic Circuits 2


[edit] Introduction

Hasan is the incredibly dangerous "True Assassin" summoned into the war by sacrificing the flesh of Assassin. He works only under the command of the powerful immortal magus Matou Zouken and works alongside Angra Maiyu. His true identity is none other than Hassan-i Sabbah, a famous assassin from which the word originated. There is no true indicator of his true name as all the greatest assassins of a certain sect take on the name Hasan. As a result every Assassin summoned in the previous wars were all different people but all named Hasan. He is armed with a charm that protects him against the wind as well as the deadly Noble Phantasm Zabaniya which allows him to terminate his foes instantly.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Weak Attacks

A Hasan takes his concealed hand and performs a lightning fast stab capable of interrupting almost any attack. Does 85 damage.

8A Hasan uses his concealed dagger to stab the enemy swiftly in mid-air. Does 95 damage.

2A Hasan does an incredibly fast stab at the enemy's legs. Does 85 damage.

236AA Hasan swiftly throws two daggers. Does 475 damage. Can't hit at pointblank range.

214A Hasan vanishes and then reappears a little bit forward from his previous position.

421A Hasan vanishes and then appears in a higher position where he throws 3 daggers at an angle. Does up to 625 damage.

[edit] Mid Attacks

B Hasan does a full thrust with his dagger. It has the same speed as his stab with more range and power but it has more lag afterwords. Does 225 damage.

8B Hasan does a mid-air full thrust with his dagger. Does 225 damage.

6B Hasan throws a dagger towards his enemy at an angle. Does 705 damage.

2B Hasan does a fully extended low kick. Does 225 damage.

4B Hasan does a fast spin, stealthily moves forward, and slams his dagger into his opponent full force stunning them. Does 705 damage.

9B Hasan throws 2 daggers into the air to stop jumping enemies in their tracks. Does 700 damage.

214B Hasan vanishes and appears in a position ahead of where he was before with an extended leg hidden underneath his cloak. Does 600 damage.

236B Hasan swiftly throws three daggers forward simultaneously. Does up to 510 damage.

8236B Hasan throws three daggers in mid-air at an angle. Does up to 550 damage.

[edit] Strong Attacks

C Hasan swiftly delivers a side kick concealed by his cloak. Does 225 damage.

2C Hasan throws three daggers in a spread at the enemy's feet tripping them. Does up to 450 damage.

8C Hasan throws three daggers downward at a steep angle. Does up to 375 damage.

3C Hasan brings his arm back and throws three daggers in a spread at full force aimed at the enemy's feet tripping them. Does up to 1020 damage.

4C Hasan takes a step forward and does an outstretched horizontal swing with his dagger which leaves the enemy open to many lethal followups. Does 690 damage.

236C Hasan throws 7 daggers into the air which shower upon the opponent. Does 229 damage. Total damage varies with enemy's size.

[edit] Throws

BC Hasan pulls the enemy in and drags them to the sky while slashing them 7 times. Next he throws the enemy towards the ground. Does 1300 damage.

BC(While enemy is stunned.) Hasan vanishes into the darkness and throws 20 daggers from every direction at both the servant and their master. Finally Hasan finishes it up with a stab to the target's heart. Does 3600 damage.

214B(While enemy is stunned.) Hasan vanishes and reappears ahead of his current position where he grabs the enemy, kicks off them, and throws several daggers at them. Does 1450 damage.

[edit] Maneuvers

44 Hasan quickly takes a hop back to avoid attacks heading for him.

66 Hasan quickly sprints towards the enemy.

D Hasan sprints counterclockwise around the opponent.

2D Hasan sprints clockwise around the opponent.

236D Hasan sprints counterclockwise around the opponent and then quickly switches to sprinting forward.

866 or 844 Hasan does a flip in the air to move closer or further from the enemy.

88 Hasan performs a second jump in mid-air.

[edit] Follow Ups

2BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Hasan throws 3 daggers in a spread towards his opponent. Does up to 200 damage.

8BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Hasan jumps and flips over his opponent while throwing three daggers towards the ground. Does up to 1600 damage.

[edit] Last Resorts

A+B+C Delusional Illusion, Zabaniya: Hasan hides his presence and becomes invisible.

236236A Hasan throws 20 daggers forward in a small spread. Each dagger does 230 damage. The damage is mostly stable though a few hits are lost at long range. Does up to 1887 damage. Consumes 1 magic circuit.

863214A Hasan throws 20 daggers in a wild spread hitting the entire battlefield. Each dagger does 230 damage. The damage is very unstable as it is affected by how close the enemy is to Hasan, the size of the enemy, and whether the enemy is in mid-air or not. Does up to 1848 damage. Consumes 1 magic circuit.

236236B Delusional Heartbeat, Zabaniya: Hasan takes off the bandage on his arm to reveal a deformed red arm several times the length of his own body. He thrusts his arm at the enemy and creates a mirror image of their heart which he crushes. The real heart is affected and suffers damage. Does 2900 damage. Consumes 2 magic circuits. Ignores defense.

236236C(During Delusional Illusion.) Delusional Heartbeat, Zabaniya: Hasan uses Zabaniya yet again but there are two key differences. First he takes off his cloak as to not get in the way and to maximize his arm's reach, and second Angra Maiyu is holding the enemy in place. Angra Maiyu only grabs enemies on the ground but the grab can be performed at any range. Does 5550 damage. Consumes 2 magic circuits. Ignores Defense.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Overview

Hasan is called the True Assassin for a reason. You wont be winning using fancy combos and a head on attack game. Even a typical kiting game doesn't suit him. He has to rely on dirty tricks and openings to be use well. When used effectively you may be screamed at for "being cheap." But things the enemy doesn't expect is where he excels and conventional styles only leads to his death. He has low health for a servant but high damage and incredibly high priority.

[edit] Exploiting

Hasan has a non-existant approach and kiting game. His strength would be in long range attacks but he has no way of creating distance between him and his opponents so the home of Hasan is mid range where he can make full use of his projectiles and melee attacks. Hasan has to keep constant pressure with a barrage of projectiles from his 236AA as it has very low delay to use and very little lag afterwords. While you are spamming your daggers you will have to keep track of what your enemy is doing. If they attempt to break through by jumping you can respond with 9B and re-establish your position at mid range. If your enemy attempts to escape(as in the case of kiters) respond with a 236C to cut them off and if you have the magic circuits you can link it into Zabaniya as a punish. If your enemy actually gets up close enough you can do a safe blow with 4C and link it with your first last resort as it only uses 1 magic circuit, this also lets you put yourself at mid range again. If you are feeling gutsy you can use 4B to stun the enemy and then do a 4C and link it to the 214B grab which conveniently places yourself at mid-range again. If the pressure is absolutely too much keep in mind that A, B, and C all strike faster than most of the attacks in the game and as such can be used as a pseudo counter which can let you fight the enemy away at close range pretty easily. Just remember mid-range is your best friend, keep up the pressure, and use your last resorts as punishes rather than attacks.

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