Gilgamesh (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Health 15400
Magic Circuits 1


[edit] Introduction

Gilgamesh is a major antagonist in every scenario of Type MOON's Fate/Stay Night. Gilgamesh is a the partner of Kirei and a servant from the previous war. Gilgamesh is the most powerful servant the wars have ever seen due to him being able to produce a counter for any situation as well as having the most powerful wide range single attack due to his sword "Ea". His most powerful weapon using no mana, able to fire an infinite amount of swords as projectiles, and having a counter for every situation makes him a very dangerous opponent.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Weak Attacks

A A quick but weak punch. Can be linked up to 4 times. 6 times against a walled opponent. Does 50 damage.

4A Gilgamesh swings an invisible sword. Does 500 damage.

2A Gilgamesh does a slow low kick. Does 50 damage.

8A Gilgamesh knees his enemy in mid-air. Does 50 damage.

236A Gilgamesh launches a sword at a diagonal angle out of thin air. Does 555 damage.

214A Gilgamesh opens a small portion of the Gate of Babylon.

214A(with miniature gate open.) Gilgamesh shoots out several blades from the gate. Does 1117 damage.

[edit] Mid Attacks

B Gilgamesh does an overhand sword swing. Does 280 damage.

8B Gilgamesh does a wide sword swing in mid-air. Does 360 damage.

6B Gilgamesh does a heavy sword swing. Does 750 damage.

2B Gilgamesh does a rising sword swing. Does 280 damage.

4B Gilgamesh summons a scythe and slashes his enemy and drains some of their magic. Does 750 damage.

3B Gilgamesh quickly swings a summoned demonic sword upward launching the enemy into the air. Does 750 damage. 1500 if in the middle of an enemy attack animation.

236B Gilgamesh launches a sword from thin air forward across the battlefield. Can stun the enemy if they are moving. Does 590 damage.

214B Gilgamesh summons a scythe that rips from time and space to slash the enemy from behind draining their magic. Drains more magic if charged. Does 100 damage.

[edit] Strong Attacks

C Gilgamesh performs a wide sword swing. Does 280 damage.

2C Gilgamesh swings a sword low tripping his enemy. Does 385 damage.

8C Gilgamesh thrusts a sword at a downward angle in mid-air. Does 400 damage.

6C Gilgamesh swings a sword very wide at full force. Does 840 damage.

3C Gilgamesh thrusts at his enemy's feet tripping them. Does 750 damage.

1C or 7C Gilgamesh summons a hammer to hit his enemy. Does 500 damage.

214C Gilgamesh freezes the ground to make the enemy fall down. Does 800 damage.

[edit] Throws

BC Gilgamesh strikes the enemy twice and sends them flying away. Does 1200 damage.

BC(While enemy is stunned.) Gilgamesh launches the enemy into the air and then summons several hammers that smack the enemy in every direction. Does 2600 damage.

[edit] Maneuvers

44 Gilgamesh quickly takes a hop back to avoid attacks heading for him.

66 Gilgamesh hops forward to get closer to the enemy.

D Gilgamesh hops counterclockwise around the opponent.

2D Gilgamesh hops clockwise around the opponent.

236D Gilgamesh hops counterclockwise around the opponent and then quickly switches to hopping forward.

866 or 844 Gilgamesh does a flip in the air to move closer or further from the enemy.

[edit] Follow Ups

2BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Gilgamesh stomps on his enemy and twists his foot around a couple of times. Does 1565 damage.

8BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Gilgamesh summons 2 sword from thin air and has them thrust into his opponent. Does up to 1200 damage.

[edit] Last Resorts

A+B+C King's Treasury, Gate of Babylon: Gilgamesh opens up the complete Gate of Babylon which stays right behind him. Consumes 1 magic circuit. Requires 2 magic circuits for use.

236236A Chain of Heaven, Enkidu: Gilgamesh summons the chains from the sky as they reach down and bind the opponent. While the enemy is bound Gilgamesh opens up his Gate of Babylon and launches many swords at the helpless opponent. Does 2110 damage. Consumes 1 magic circuit.

236236B Sword of Rupture Ea, Enuma Elish: Gilgamesh readies his favorite sword and thrusts it forward firing a massive beam of energy. Does 4700 damage. Consumes 2 magic circuits.

236236C(During Gate of Babylon.) Sword of Rupture Ea, Enuma Elish(Full power): Gilgamesh charges up his sword with extra energy from the Gate of Babylon and the dimension begins to tear apart. Next he thrusts the sword forward which splits space itself in two along the course to his enemies. Does 8500 damage. Consumes 2 magic circuits.

[edit] Gate of Babylon

236A Gilgamesh shoots three blades diagonally from the Gate of Babylon. Does up to 1047 damage.

236B Gilgamesh shoots three blades from the Gate of Babylon through the battlefield. Does up to 1397 damage.

214A Gilgamesh shoots 6 blades from the Gate of Babylon that chase the enemy. Does up to 1020 damage.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Overview

Gilgamesh has very powerful and fast projectiles that can easily flow into eachother but eh has very slow close range attacks. Thankfully Gilgamesh has no problem knocking his enemy away.

[edit] Kiting

214A and 3B will be your best friends. 214A is a very reliable projectile that can combo into your your other projectiles and even your first last resort. Whenever the enemy is getting close you can knock them far away by using a simple combo. 3A, 236A, 214A, 236236A. If the 3A activates as a counter use 214A and backup. Just keep the enemy away and when you can activates Gate of Babylon you can get aggressive. With Gate of Babylon he has the most dangerous projectiles in the game making him a force to be reckoned with.

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