Gadget Drone (Magical Battle Arena)

Gadget Drone
MBA GDrone.jpg
Original Series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
First MBA Appearance Magical Battle Arena
Combat Style Long Range


[edit] Introduction

Gadget Drone is a character from the series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. It specialises in long range combat. Consequently, its melee capabilities are quite poor, which puts it at a disadvantage in close combat.

Gadget Drone is unlocked by completing the story mode with Nowel. This character is essentially a joke character, featuring numerous disadvantages compared to other characters. Gadget Drone has only 2 specials, no ultimates and takes far more damage from attacks.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Regular Attacks

A (Chargeable)

Gadget Drone's melee attack. Tapping the button can produce a simple 3 hit combo where it swings its arms around. The attack can be charged for a single rush strike that knocks the enemy away. Burst mode will increase the amount of chainable hits to 5.

Z (Chargeable)

Gadget Drone's projectile attack. It can fire 7 shots in succession before a break. Charging the attack will produce a single powerful shot with a bigger stun. Burst mode will increase the amount of chainable hits to near infinite as long as burst mode remains active, although the further the attacks push them away the more likely a shot will miss.

It is possible to move while firing normal shots, but charged shots prevent movement until fired or interrupted.


Basic shield ability. Gadget Drone raises a clear blue shield in front of it to deflect attacks. Tapping the button along with increase or decrease altitude at close range can allow for teleporting around them.

[edit] Special Attacks

S + A

Gadget Drone rushes forward after the target. If it connects it wraps its arms around the target and crushes them, before flinging them away.

S + Z (Chargeable)

Gadget Drone fires a powerful laser beam at the target. The attack allows for limited aiming to the left or right during the firing stage.

This attack is chargeable, but Gadget Drone is unable to move during this time.

S + X


[edit] Ultimate Attacks

S + C

Enters Burst Mode. Gadget Drone has no ultimates to use though.

S + C + A


S + C + Z


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