Fate Testarossa (Magical Battle Arena)

Fate Testarossa
MBA Fate.jpg
Original Series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
First MBA Appearance Magical Battle Arena
Combat Style Mixed Attacker


[edit] Introduction

Fate Testarossa is a leading character from the series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Fate possesses a mix of close and long range skills making her difficult to handle but also means she has less obvious specialities. Fate is able to play in either normal or sonic forms. Sonic form increases melee ability in exchange for lower ranged ability.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Regular Attacks

A (Chargeable)

Fate's melee attack. Tapping the button can produce a 5 hit combo where she swings her staff scythe around. The attack can be charged for a single swing that knocks the enemy away. Burst mode will increase the amount of chainable hits to 7.

In sonic form she uses a sword and the chainable hits is 7, increasing to 10 in burst mode.


Fate's projectile attack. She fires 3 shots at the enemy. Burst mode will increase the amount of shots to 5.

In sonic form mthe number of shots fired drops to 1, increasing to 3 in burst mode.

Fate will stop to fire in either mode.


Basic shield ability. Fate raises a yellow shield in front of her to deflect attacks. Tapping the button along with increase or decrease altitude at close range can allow for teleporting around them.

[edit] Special Attacks

S + A (Chargeable)

Fate fires Plasma Lancer. Tapping the combination again while the projectiles are in flight will make them change direction towards the target. The base attack fires 8 shots, while a fully charged attack fires 16.

S + Z (Chargeable)

Fate attacks with Harken Saber, launching a single projectile with limited homing capabilities. A fully charged attack will have more power and range.

S + X

Fate switches between normal and sonic forms. There is no time limit on either form.

[edit] Ultimate Attacks

S + C

Enters Burst Mode. Needed to use ultimate attacks.

S + C + A (Burst Mode Required)

Fate's first ultimate. She charges energy into her sword and then releases it in a huge beam that causes a massive explosion on impact.

S + C + Z (Burst Mode and No Health Bars In Reserve Required)

Fate's second ultimate. She fires a wind attack to paralyze the opponent. Then her sword grows to several times its original which she uses to slash straight down the middle of her target.

If Fate's initial attack misses this move will fail.

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