Fatal Hearts

Fatal Hearts
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Developer(s) Hanako Games
Publisher(s) Hanako Games
Genre Visual Novel
Platform PC

Fatal Hearts is a Visual Novel + Puzzle Game for PC developed by Hanako Games.

In Fatal Hearts, you play the role of Christina Robinson, who has a strange dream of a mysterious man. Waking up and brushing it off, Christina resumes her normal life with her friend Lucy Torvill.

However, a strange murder case begins in the town. Young women are being violently killed. You, as Christina, navigate through the game making choices of who to trust, how to react, and what to do, to make your way to games large count of fourteen different possible endings. In amongst the visual novel segments are games and puzzles you have to solve using what you've learnt, explored, or discovered during the game.


[edit] Characters

[edit] Major Characters

[edit] Christina Robinson

The Protagonist of the story. Christina is a normal girl who happens to get involved in some crazy stuff.

[edit] Lucy Torvill

Christina's best friend, daring and outgoing.

[edit] Jeremy Bowman

A clever and polite young man seeking damsels in distress.

[edit] Randy Gardner

Cheerful and loyal as a puppy, but with a family secret.

[edit] Tim Davies

A practical joker with a very serious focus.

[edit] Elizabeth Sumners

A shy and nerdy schoolgirl, eager to fit in.

[edit] Man from the Dreams

The man of Christina's dreams - and her nightmares!

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