Berserker (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Health 15120
Magic Circuits 0


[edit] Introduction

Berserker is the servant of Illyasviel. He was once the great greek hero Heracles. His power has been further enhanced by the Berserker's "Mad Enhancement."

[edit] Command List

[edit] Weak Attacks

A Berserker punches the enemy. Does 255 damage.

8A Berserker punches the enemy in mid-air. Does 190 damage.

2A Berserker quickly punches at the enemy's feet. Does 255 damage.

6A Berserker kicks the enemy. Does 700 damage.

3A Berserker uppercuts the enemy sending them into the air. Does 500 damage.

4A Berserker swings his sword horizontally. Does 535 damage.

214A Berserker punches the ground shattering it. Does 816 damage.

623A Berserker smashes his hilt into his enemy. Does 795 damage.

[edit] Mid Attacks

B Berserker swings his sword overhand. Does 465 damage.

8B Berserker swings his sword in the air. Does 475 damage.

2B Berserker swings his sword overhand low to the ground. Does 465 damage.

4B Berserker slams his sword into his opponent. Does 522 damage.

3B Berserker swings his sword upward launching the enemy into the air.Does 1000 damage.

236B Berserker does a heavy overhand swing that slams the enemy down and sends them into the air.. Does 1132 damage. Does 2265 damage if charged.

[edit] Strong Attacks

C Berserker does a horizontal swing. Does 395 damage.

2C Berserker does a wide swing at the enemy's feet tripping them. Does 535 damage.

8C Berserker does a horizontal swing in mid-air. Does 515 damage.

3C Berserker swings his sword diagonally knocking the enemy down. Does 450 damage.

4C Berserker twists his body with his sword slamming the enemy backwards. Does 1200 damage.

6C Berserker does a controlled perfect horizontal swing. Does 895 damage.

[edit] Throws

BC Berserker picks up the enemy and slams them into the ground. Does 1200 damage.

214B Berserker lifts the enemy and squeezes them several times before throwing them. Does 1500 damage.

214C Berserker stabs the enemy, lifts them up, and slams them onto the ground. Does 2310 damage.

[edit] Maneuvers

44 Berserker quickly takes a hop back to avoid attacks heading for him.

66 Berserker quickly hops towards the enemy.

D Berserker hops counterclockwise around the opponent.

2D Berserker hops clockwise around the opponent.

236D Berserker hops counterclockwise around the opponent and then quickly switches to hopping forward.

[edit] Follow Ups

2BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Berserker stabs his downed enemy. Does 1350 damage.

8BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Berserker jumps up and lands on his enemy. Does 1150 damage.

[edit] Last Resorts

A+B+C Twelve Labors, God Hand: Super armor is added to Berserker at all times until it ends.

236236BAABBCCC214B Berserker charges at his enemy and unleashes a flurry of slashes. Does 3550 damage.

236236C(During God Hand.) The Shooting Hundred Heads, Nine Lives: Berserker stabs into the ground and nine golden hydra heads strike the enemy. Does 8040 damage. Consumes 2 magic circuits.

When Dead Twelve Labors, God Hand: Berserker consumes all magic circuits to come back to life. The amount of health received is dependent on how many magic circuits are sacrificed to bring him back to life.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Overview

In terms of pure power and defensive ability Berserker is the best character. Berserker has slow attacks and movement to compensate as well as a huge body making him a big target for projectile users. Against any projectile user he has no hope except for his God Hand activation.

[edit] Approaching

God Hand does a wonderful job of making him able to approach with anything due to the constant super armor. Otherwise abuse his long range and his 236B super armor to get through.

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