Bazett (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Bazett Fraga McRemitz
Health 8800
Magic Circuits 2 1/2
Ammunition 3


[edit] Introduction

She appears to be a strong-willed woman with a short temper but is very kind and gentle when she lets her guard down. She is a powerful close range fighter with moderate magical abilities. She is the master of Avenger as well as the original master of Lancer.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Weak Attacks

A Bazett throws some quick jabs that can connect up to 3 times consecutively. 6 times against a walled enemy. Does 85 damage.

8A A mid-air punch that can be used in quick succession with itself and can even be linked into an air grab after a few hits. Does 95 damage.

2A A quick kick that can be used in quick succession. It spaces the enemy more than A. Does 85 damage.

3A A very quick attack striking with the elbows that cannot be used consecutively. Does 155 damage.

[edit] Mid Attacks

B A simple elbow strike. Does 225 damage.

8B A quick right hook in mid-air. Does 305 damage.

2B A quick elbow uppercut. Does 225 damage.

3B An uppercut that can be linked into a jump. Does 615 damage.

4B A strong knee strike. Does 525 damage.

6B A hook kick with decent reach. Does 795 damage.

82B A mid-air crescent kick that can spike the enemy sending them crashing into the ground. Does 435 damage.

214B A reverse punch that sends the enemy flying back a bit. Does 645 damage.

2(hold)8B A quick jumping knee strike that sends the enemy and yourself into the air. Does 715 damage.

4(hold)6B A quick knee thrust with a forward leap that sends the enemy flying back. Does 675 damage.

[edit] Strong Attacks


A roundhouse kick with decent reach and quick speed. Does 225 damage.


A mid-air crescent kick. Does 225 damage.


A sweeping kick that trips the enemy. Does 330 damage.


A quick low kick. Does 705 damage.


A quick side kick that adds some spacing between Bazett and her enemy. Does 705 damage.


A slow roundhouse kick that stuns the enemy. Does 750 damage.

[edit] Throws

BC A series of 3 kicks followed by a punch that sends the enemy flying. Does 1400 damage.

BC(while enemy is stunned) A 5 kick combo followed by a strong kick that sends the enemy into the air and then one final kick that spikes the enemy smashing into the ground. Does 2000 damage.

8BC A quick knee thrust followed by a kick that spikes the enemy to the ground. Does 515 damage.

[edit] Maneuvers

44 Bazett quickly takes a hop back to avoid attacks heading for her.

66 Bazett quickly sprints towards the enemy.

448 Bazett does a front flip to either look stylish(and get hit.) or to get on the other side of your opponent.

D Bazett sprints counterclockwise around the opponent.

2D Bazett sprints clockwise around the opponent.

236D Bazett sprints counterclockwise around the opponent and then quickly switches to sprinting forward.

214D Bazett quickly sways to dodge any incoming attacks and can link her sway into many of her attacks.

[edit] Follow Ups

8BC(After tripping or knocking the down.) A butterfly kick that drives her leg into the ground shattering the earth underneath. Does 1120 damage.

2BC(After tripping or knocking the down.) A quick low kick. Does 420 damage.

[edit] Last Resorts

236236A Bazett does a self buff that doubles the damage of all her attacks and enables the use of her third last resort. It also adds super armor to all her attacks.

236236B Bazett quickly charges the enemy over a medium distance and then delivers a series of quick attacks onto her enemy that sends the enemy flying. Does 1800 damage.

236236CA The Sword of the Gorging War God, Fragarach: Bazett loads one of her "Fragarach" into the air. Launch it with A. It automatically cancels any action the enemy does and deals massive damage. It doubles as an attack that does massive damage and as an all purpose counter. If used against Lancer's Last Resorts then Bazett will receive massive damage instead. Does abut 3000-4000 damage.

[edit] Assists


Bazett does a quick 5 hit punching combo. Does 700 damage.


Bazett does a very quick leaping knee thrust that knocks the enemy into the air. Does 715 damage.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Overview

Bazett has a short reach but fast attacks that flow into each other very easily. She has some of the more dangerous air combos in the game as well as the most powerful counter attack, however she can only use her third Last Resort 3 times per match.

[edit] Approach

Bazett can do a lot of combo work but she has a very short range. Her only projectile/Counter attack can only be used 3 times per match so it's best to use them sparingly. Instead Bazett has to wait for an opportunity. Against a ranged specialist like Gilgamesh she simply needs to rush in as fast as possible abusing her dodges and hope she can get close enough. Her first last resort gives super armor to all her attacks which can be used to get close if you don't mind taking a little damage.

[edit] Air Combos

Her 3B uppercut sends the enemy into the air and can be linked with her jump meaning you just got to figure out what to string. She has so many possible attack combinations after the uppercut that they can't be listed here. It's best just to experiment with different combinations until you find one that feels natural.

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