Assassin (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Health 9000
Magic Circuits 1/2


[edit] Introduction

Assassin is the servant of Caster and the grandservant of Soichiro. Upon first impression by Saber he appeared to have no abilities whatsoever despite wielding a long sword with perfect form never seen today. She quickly judged the man to have the trait to hide his abilities. A trait that belongs only to the Assassin class. Assassin's true identity is that of the legendary rival of the legendary Musashi Miyamoto, Kojiro Sasaki. Kojiro had no magical abilities in his lifetime and only worked to improve his sword work. He practiced a technique to slash from three impossible directions simultanously, this trait was impossible but his perseverance triumphed over reality and he had created a technique that defies all logical reasoning, a technique he names Tsubame Gaeshi. His purpose in the Holy Grail War is to guard the gates of Ryudou temple to keep all servants and masters from reaching Caster. Though of the Assassin class his sword work is on a level beyond even Saber's.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Weak Attacks

A Assassin swings his arm in an upper crescent at lightning speed swinging his sword. Does 160 damage.

8A Assassin performs an upper crescent swing in mid-air. Does 95 damage.

2A Assassin performs a full lower thrust with his sword. Does 160 damage.

4A Assassin takes a step back and does a full horizontal swing that stuns the opponent. Does 600 damage.

3A Assassin performs a quick horizontal swing that can parry incoming strikes and deliver a blow of it's own. Does 180 damage.

623A Assassin swings his sword at the speed of light leaving a slash where his sword didn't follow to the human eye. Does 480 damage.

214A Assassin takes a large step forward and does a full circular vertical slash to deal with any attack the enemy may use. Does 365 damage. 730 damage if in the middle of an enemy attack animation.

[edit] Mid Attacks

B Assassin performs a wider slash than usual. Does 200 damage.

8B Assassin performs a lower slash in mid-air. Does 275 damage.

6B Assassin does a heavy forward swing. Does 550 damage.

2B Assassin does a reverse crescent swing ending at the enemy's feet. Does 370 damage.

4B Assassin does an incredibly heavy sword swing by twisting his body and swinging at the same time. Does 695 damage.

236B Assassin ducks while sliding to the side and unleashes a crescent slash at mach speeds either to launch the enemy into the air or take care of an enemy attack he may have anticipated. Does 820 damage. 1640 if in the middle of an enemy attack animation.

[edit] Strong Attacks

C Assassin performs a full horizontal swing. Does 200 damage.

2C Assassin does a horizontal swing at the enemy's feet tripping them. Does 270 damage.

8C Assassin does a mid-air horizontal swing. Does 285 damage.

1C Assassin prepares to parry a lower attack.

4C Assassin prepares to parry a medium of high attack.

236C Assassin twists his body into a horizontal swing to send the enemy flying back. Does 600 damage. Stuns the enemy if they are moving.

214CCC Assassin performs a series of 3 mach speed slashes. Does up to 1960 damage.

[edit] Throws

BC Assassin does a 3 slash combo that sends the enemy flying away. Does 1200 damage.

BC(While enemy is stunned.) Assassin unleashes a flurry of 5 mach speed slashes at the opponent that sends them flying away. Does 2600 damage.

[edit] Maneuvers

44 Assassin hops backwards to dodge the enemy's attacks.

66 Assassin hops forward to put himself in a position to attack.

D Assassin hops clockwise.

2D Assassin hops counter-clockwise.

236D Assassin hops clockwise and then takes a great hop forward.

[edit] Follow Ups

2BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Assassing performs a lightning fast slash at his downed opponent. Does 430 damage.

8BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Assassin moves forward and slashes at godly speed. Does 980 damage.

[edit] Last Resorts

A+B+C Activation: Assassin Checks up on his footing to increase his attacking speed and power.

236236A Assassin attempts his secret technique but his footing is bad only letting his land two slashes. Does 2300 damage. Consumes 1 magic circuit.

236236B(During Activation.) Secret Technique, Tsubame Gaeshi: Assassin readies his body leaving his back exposed to lure the enemy in. Next he swings his sword not once but three times simultaneously. This creates a strange phenomenon as all three of the slashes come from the same exact point of origin, swung at the same time, yet all come from three different directions making the technique undodgable if in range and completely unblockable. Does 4500 damage. Consumes 1 magic circuit.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Overview

Assassin has pathetic health for a servant but makes up for it with the highest priority in the game as well as some very high damaging moves, a large array of counter attacks, and a strong close range game.

[edit] Zoning

Have fun doing this. Assassin has a strong close range game but has a long sword reach. So you have to try to stay at the tip of your range. Most of your attacks can connect easily enough with the exception of your last resorts. For connecting your last resorts dash forward while attacking and use them. Both of Assassin's last resorts have 1 frame for startup and his first last resort only has 1 frame for launching the attack, to make things better they are both unblockable! Just keep poking your enemy at the tip of your range, punish rushes with either 624A or 236B. Against a projectile user use your parry attacks to zone them. Just remember one poke and you can link several attacks to it, try out different combination for each situation.

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