Archer (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Health 14300
Magic Circuits 1 1/2


[edit] Introduction

Archer is the primary antagonist of the Unlimited Blade Works route as well as Rin's servant. He employs a wide variety of abilities, attacks, and weapons. This is because he isn't really an "Archer" but a "Mage" that can pull any weapon or shield that has ever existed out of his Noble Phantasm Reality Marble "Unlimited Blade Works." He started as a young man who merely continued his dream of trying to save all the people he could. Having not enough strength to save the people he wanted to save he made a contract with the world to gain powers great enough to stop wars. After doing such a thing his accomplishment was short-lived. One of the people he saved used him as a scapegoat and he was executed. He then lived on saving the world on behalf of the world almost always from people themselves. He then lived on killing and killing trapped in this ironic hell that had him save the majority by killing the minority. Betrayed by his own ideals he has only one possible way to regain his freedom..

[edit] Command List

[edit] Weak Attacks

A A quick but weak slash from Kanshou. Can be linked up to 5 times or up to 7 times against a walled opponent. Does 85 damage.

4A Archer swings Kanshou and Bakuya consecutively at godly speeds. Does 570 damage.

1AA Archer does an over hand swing with Kanshou then a stab with Bakuya. Does 800 damage.

8A A quick kick in the air which leaves time for an air grab afterwords. Does 85 damage.

236A Archer creates a bow and shoots an arrow straight ahead. If A is held down the arrow will stun the opponent. Does approximately 400 damage.

8236A Archer creates a bow and shoots an arrow at the enemy below at an angle. Does approximately 400 damage.

[edit] Mid Attacks

B Archer does an overhand swing with Bakuya. Does 225 damage.

8B Archer does a mid-air stab with Kanshou. Does 305 damage.

6B Archer does a heavy overhand swing with Bakuya. Does 525 damage.

2B Archer swiftly strikes low with both Kanshou and Bakuya. Does 400 damage.

4B Archer summons Cadabolg and performs a very powerful thrust with a long reach that sends the enemy flying back. Does 900 damage.

9B Archer does a crescent kick that brings the enemy to the ground. Does 600 damage.

236B Archer does an upward swing with Bakuya launching the enemy into the air. Does 435 damage.

236BB Archer swings Bakuya upward launching the enemy into the air while simultaneously summoning a bow which Archer uses to shoot the enemy suspended in the air. Does 955 damage.

214B Archer throws Bakuya and it wraps around hitting the enemy from behind. Does 435 damage.

8236B Archer throws both Kanshou and Bakuya in mid-air. Does 570 damage.

[edit] Strong Attacks

C Archer does a horizontal swing with Bakuya. Does 225 damage.

2C Archer swings both Kanshou and Bakuya at the enemy's feet tripping them. Does 330 damage.

8C Archer swing both Kanshou and Bakuta in mid-air. Does 305 damage.

6C Archer swings either Kanshou or Bakuya to parry the enemy's attack. Does 425 damage. Double if it's in the middle of the enemy's attack animation.

3C Archer takes a step up and then does a low sweeping swing with both blades tripping the enemy. Does 615 damage.

4C Archer summons Excalibur and does a large horizontal swing that sends the enemy flying back and stuns enemy who are dashing. Does 800 damage.

236C Archer performs four lightning fast swings with both blades. Does 810 damage.

214C Archer throws Bakuya in a boomerang action along the ground. Does 525 damage.

[edit] Throws

BC Archer strikes with both blades and then summon Excalibur to perform a vertical strike sending the enemy flying back. Does 1300 damage.

BC(While enemy is stunned.) Archer launches the enemy into the air and launches several arrow follow by Archer summoning Cadabolg and shooting it as an arrow causing it to explode. Does 2189 damage.

[edit] Maneuvers

44 Archer quickly takes a hop back to avoid attacks heading for him.

66 Archer quickly sprints towards the enemy.

D Archer sprints counterclockwise around the opponent.

2D Archer sprints clockwise around the opponent.

236D Archer sprints counterclockwise around the opponent and then quickly switches to sprinting forward.

866 or 844 Archer does a flip in the air to move closer or further from the enemy.

[edit] Follow Ups

2BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Archer stabs the downed enemy in the chest with Bakuya. Does 420 damage.

8BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Archer leaps away, summons his bow, and shoots 3 arrows at the enemy. Does 720 damage.

[edit] Last Resorts

A+B+C Begins the Unlimited Blade Works incantation. If Archer is hit once then it is unsuccessful. During the incantation and Unlimited Blade Works all of Archers attacks receive a boost in damage.

236236A The Hound of the Red Plains, Hrunting: Archer summons Hrunting and shoots it from his bow. If the enemy block it then it will turn around and hit the enemy. It can only be blocked twice since the third strike is unblockable. Does 2000 damage if none blocked. Does 3000 damage after a direct hit when it has been blocked once. Does 500 damage every time it is blocked. Can do up to 4500 damage total. Uses 2 magic circuits. The tracking can be disrupted by connecting a strike to Archer.

236236B Archer throws his blades. The attack is instantaneous and unblockable. After connecting he slashes the enemy from several directions and ends by dealing a lethal strike across the enemy's chest. Does 2800 damage. Uses 2 magic circuits.

236236B(In the middle of an attack combo.) Archer throws his blades and then catches them and slashes through the enemy finishing his combo. Does 1000 damage. Uses 2 magic circuits.

863214A The Fake Spiral Sword, Cadabolg II: Archer summons this modified sword of his and overloads it with magical energy. He then shoots the sword at an angle having it explode on the enemy point blank. Does 1794 damage. Uses 1 magic circuit.

236236C(During the last part of the last verse of his incantation.) So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works. Archer calls his Reality Marble out from his heart into the real world. The landscaped is changed and is depicted as an endless wasteland filled with an infinite amount of swords from all throughout history. While this world is the battlefield Archer's fighting potential is at it's maximum and swords will quickly be created by Archer's side for him to use at will.

[edit] Unlimited Blade Works

236A(hold) Archer shoots up to 5 swords at the enemy at a speed so great that it is impossible to react. Does up to 806 damage.

236B4B Archer slashes the enemy downward and then summons Gae Bolg to stab into the enemy's heart. Does 1625 damage.

236BC Archer slashes the enemy downward and then swings the curved sword horizontally sending the enemy flying back. Does 837 damage.

236CC Archer summons a curved sword that he uses to slash the enemy downward and then upward sending them high airborne. Does 856 damage.

2BC(When all 5 swords are materialized.) Archer sends a large amount of swords materialized in the air towards his enemy. It is undodgable and strikes the enemy at godlike speeds. Does up to 1275 damage.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Overview

Archer is the most well balanced servant in the game along with Saber. Archer has an ideal move for every situation. Archer has effective projectiles, fast close range attacks, strong combos, and a brutally effective counter. His attacks coming from every direction tend to put a lot of pressure on the opponent as well.

[edit] Kiting

Archer has one of the best kiting games out there. He can shoot an arrow instantly from two angles. Have projectiles that hang in the air to stop enemy approaches, and a last resort who's effect is literally to follow the enemy until it hits. Archer merely needs to spam his projectiles and if the enemy gets too close he simply needs to use one of his tripping attacks and his 8BC follow up to maximize the distance between him and his opponent again.

[edit] Approaching

Attack, attack, and keep attacking. For an "archer" Archer has incredibly fast melee attacks and his range isn't too shabby. He can close distance using a reckless melee rush. Against enemy projectile users Archer needs to use his projectile to knock the enemy down. This should require either a Hrunting shot or a Cadabolg shot but both can be blocked. So instead rely on dashes and well timed side steps to get in range to throw your blade. This should give you the needed opportunity to get close to your opponent.

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