Angeraze 2

Angeraze 2
Angeraze2 Cover.jpg
Angeraze 2 Cover
Developer(s) Ohbado
Genre Shooting
Platform PC
Release Date 2004 JP


[edit] Introduction

Angeraze 2 is a horizontal shooter from Ohbado and the sequel to the original Angeraze. Players must defeat enemies and weave through storms of enemy fire.

[edit] Game Versions

[edit] Angeraze 2

The original release that has 3 playable characters, a main game mode, an unlockable stage select and results screen.

[edit] Angeraze 2 Re:Birth

The expansion to the original release that adds 1 new playable character and an extra game mode that alters the way the player fires.

[edit] Characters

List of characters and weapon styles in Angeraze 2

[edit] Gameplay Overview

Players choose one of the girls and a weapon type and then must play through several horizontal stages defeating enemies and avoiding their attacks. Enemies will come in from any side of the screen and the action appears to swoop in many directions as the girls fly around the levels, although the player has no control of the direction taken in levels.

The girls can fire forwards and backwards, as well as detonate bombs that clear the screen of bullets and can cause damage. Their main attack can also be held down to perform a different style of attack.

[edit] Controls

Note that these are the default keyboard commands. A gamepad can also be used.

Arrow Key Up - Move up.
Arrow Key Down - Move down.
Arrow Key Left - Move left.
Arrow Key Right - Move right.

Z - Main attack - Fire forwards.
X - Main attack - Fire backwards.
C - Use bomb.
A - Pause.

[edit] Detailed Mechanics

Main attack (Normal)

Tapping the fire forwards or fire backwards will cause the girl to use her main attack in that direction. There is no limit to the amount this can be used and the style depends on the chosen girl.

Main Attack (Held)

Holding the button down to use the main attack will cause the girl to use a different style of attack. The style of this attack depends on the chosen weapon type. As well as being more powerful, this attack will slow down the action and draw in gems dropped by the enemies. However, this attack drains mana, which is restored automatically when this attack is not being used.


Using a bomb will clear the screen of bullets and may damage enemies onscreen. The actual style of the resulting attack depends on the chosen girl. Bombs are limited in number though.

Angel Embryo Mode

The gems dropped by enemies not only add to the score but to a special gauge as well, which when filled activates this mode. The mana gauge turns pink and drains by itself. When it hits zero Angle Embryo Mode will end and mana will be restored to full. During this time players can use the held down main attack as much as they want without draining additional mana.

[edit] Game Modes

Main Game

The main content of the game. Players pick a girl and weapon style and then progress through six stages.

Stage Select

Available after completing the main game. This allows players to jump immediately to any of the six stages.

Extra Stage

Available only in Re:Birth. Shooting controls are changed so that the main attack direction is dependant on the player's position in relation to the center of the screen. This mode only has one stage, which is unique from the six main stages. Additionally, Arisa with her default weapon option is the only playable character, the auto-bomb properties of her default weapon type is not active and no continue credits are usable.

[edit] External Links

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