True Remembrance

True Remembrance
Developer(s) Shiba Satomi
Publisher(s) Insani (English Release)
Genre Visual Novel
Platform PC, Nintendo 3DS

Developed by Shiba Satomi, True Remembrance is a Visual Novel that tells the story of an unnamed, little town filled with special doctors that can erase the memories of others. These doctors, known as Mnemonicides, treat people suffering from The Dolor, a pandemic disease that causes severe depression. By erasing their memories, they are supposed to be cured from this disease. The story follows Blackiris, a Mnemonicide and his guest (patient) La, a 17-year old girl.

Although most of the novel is told from Blackiris' perspective, a few chapters are narrated by La, and one short 'intermission' by the supporting character, Rook.

The Opening theme is called 'Snow of Memories'.

The game was given an expanded rerelease on the Nintendo 3DS, released on Febuary 22, 2012.

[edit] Gameplay

True Remembrance features some of the most prominent characteristics of the genre Visual Novel. In the beginning, there is an opening sequence, complete with a song. Text appears on screen, and players must use the mouse or keyboard to advance. An unmoving background is presented, and sprites are shown against it during gameplay. The characters sprites change to match their emotions, but are not animated. TIt differs from other Visual Novels in the fact that there is no voice acting and no options. Thus, there are no "right" or "wrong" endings, as the plot cannot be affected in any way. True Remembrance is no eroge game, either, and does not contain any form of fanservice.

[edit] Characters

La: The main heroine, a 17-year old girl with 'The Dolor' and Blackiris' client, as such, they live together. She is "sweet and gentle in every way that counts", and naturally curious about many things. Although somewhat naive also, causing her to get teased alot, generally by Blackiris.

Blackiris: The main character of the story, he has an amazingly calm demeanor and is among the best Mnemonicides in the city, even capable of inflicting a short burst of Anmisia with a single glance (thus his name). A dull person, he says he has no particular interests but could probably excel at anything if he tried.

Rook: A Mnemonicide in the city, he runs Cafe AROMA and is a talented Chef, although he doesn't get many customers. He has something of a friendship and rivalry (perhaps one-sided there) with Blackiris and fancies himself as quite the ladies man.

Lips: A low-class Mnemonicide, she appears about halfway though the story, despite the cool calm demeanor she gives off, she's really quite the opposite. She hides a secret, but it doesn't take Blackiris long to figure it out.

Dexter: Blackiris and Rook's superior. Although he doesn't appear much in the story, he is the one that assigned Blackiris to La.

Analye: The legendary 'Alpha of Omegas', a strange old man of terrific Mnemonicide powers, he has written countless books detailing everything relating to Mnemonicides.

Irina: A young woman who sneaks into the City early in the story, hoping to have the memories of her family erased, at La's practical begging, Blackiris agrees to help.

Marcello: A young, spoiled rich boy whom his family paid a large sum of money to see a Class Alpha Mnemonicide, Blackiris gets stuck with the job and soon sorts the problem with ease.

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