Touhou Project

Known as 東方Project in Japan, Touhou Project is a series of scrolling shoot 'em up games developed by Team Shanghai Alice. Well known for it's large cast of loli, female characters, and difficulty. Generally, each game has 6 stages that can be played in four difficulty levels- Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. There is also an Extra Stage, that can only be played on Extra mode. All Touhou games take place in the land of Gensokyo.


[edit] Games

[edit] PC-98 Games

[edit] Highly Responsive to Prayers

The first game in the Touhou series, HRtP was released for the PC-98 system by Amusement Makers. HRtP introduces Reimu Hakurei, Maiden of the Harukei Shrine, and follows her adventure through both Hell and the Demon World. Players will advance through 5 stages and choose one of these 2 paths for the remaining 15 stages. Both Paths contain different Bosses and Stages.

[edit] Story of Eastern Wonderland

SoEW is the Second Installment in the Touhou Series, developed by ZUN and published by Amusement Makers. In this title, Players once again join Reimu Hakurei as she returns to find her shrine invaded by monsters. Determined to discover the cause, she takes off on her pet turtle Genjii. This game also marks the debut of Marisa Kirasama, who will later become another icon character in the Touhou Series.

SoEW is the first game to use the Curtain Fire Shooting Genre.

[edit] Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

PoDD, the third entry in the Touhou Series, again released by Amusement Makers. In PoDD, Reimu Hakurei finds a crowd gathered around some unknown Ruins. The ruins have appeared out of nowhere, and everyone is determined to get inside. However when a Notice is found saying only one person may enter, everyone interested decides to hold a tournament. Whoever defeats all others will be the one to enter. Thus, PoDD Begins...

[edit] Lotus Land Story

LLS is the fourth title in the popular Touhou Series. Peace is returning to Gensokyo, until an invasion of Youkai start moving towards Harukei Shrine. Reimu is determined to find out why, but this time, she isn't alone. Old Rival and now ally, Marisa Kirasama returns as a playable character, and both her and Reimu move towards their common goal.

[edit] Mystic Square

MS is the fifth installment in the Touhou Project, and the final PC-98 game. This also marks the final Touhou Project Game published by Amusement Makers. In MS, demons and youkai are pouring out of a cave hidden in the mountains. In order to find the cause, Reimu Hakurei sets off along with Marisa Kirasame, and returning characters Mima (from SoEW) and Yuka Kazami (from LLS), in adventure through the Demon World in order to find the culprit behind this great issue.

[edit] Windows Games

[edit] The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Touhou Project 6 ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

The first windows game in the Touhou series. It is also the sixth installment in the series, and the first title released under Team Shanghai Alice. EoSD introduces Touhou's unique Spell Card system. One calm day in Gensokyo, a mysterious red mist suddenly appears, blocking out the sun. The heroines, Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame, decide to find the one responsible for the problem, the Scarlet Devil. Heading to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, they come across many bosses that attempt to keep them away from the mansion's mistress.

[edit] Perfect Cherry Blossom

Touhou Project 7 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom

The seventh installment in the Touhou series. PCB features a unique Cherry Meter which counts the Cherry points a player receives. It is the month of May, and winter doesn't seem to be coming. Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya Izayoi, the protagonists, try to find the mastermind behind the long winter.

[edit] Imperishable Night

Touhou Project 8 ~ Imperishable Night

The eighth installment in the Touhou series. IN features a Time system, in which Time points are needed to advance the story. If the necessary amount of points are required, time jumps forward by half and hour. If not, time jumps forward by one hour. The Moonviewing Fest is approaching, and someone has replaced the moon with a fake one. As always, the girls go and investigate the one behind the problem.

[edit] Phantasmagoria of Flower View

The ninth installment in the Touhou series. Unlike previous games, it is split-screen. The character you play as is on the left side, and the boss is on the right side. It focuses more on dodging bullets, rather than taking down the enemy. It's springtime in Gensokyo, and all of the plants are in full bloom, even those that are dormant. The heroines set out to find the cause of the unnatural spring.

[edit] Mountain of Faith

Touhou Project 10 ~ Mountain of Faith

The tenth installment in the Touhou series. The bomb counter and graze counter are both missing in MoF. To bomb, players must fill up the power gauge by getting power-ups. These power-ups give the player the ability to use options. Once a bomb is used, some of the options are depleted. It's fall in Gensokyo, and Reimu is going about her duties at the Hakurei Shrine. A stranger visits, and orders that the shrine be closed down. The heroines, Reimu and Marisa, go to Youkai Mountain to find the sender of the threats.

[edit] Subterranean Animism

The eleventh installment in the Touhou series. You can choose to play as Reimu or Marisa. You can also choose from 3 youkai to assist the girls. Yukari Yakumo, Suika Ibuki, or Aya Shameimaru for Reimu, and Alice Margatroid, Nitori Kawashiro, or Patchouli Knowledge for Marisa. Like MoF, the bomb counter is replaced by the options system. Unlike MoF, each bomb behaves differently, depending on which of the three youkai you pick. A geyser suddenly erupts near the Hakurei Shrine, releasing spirits from beneath the ground. The heroines are sent underground to find the cause of the geyser.

[edit] Undefined Fantastic Object

The twelfth installment in the Touhou series. This game features a unique UFO system. Some enemies drop UFOs that come in three different colors: Red, Blue, and Green. By collecting 3 of the same color, or collecting one of each color, a giant UFO appears. The player must shoot it down in the time specified. There is a rumor that a flying treasure ship has been in Gensokyo since the beginning of spring. Reimu and Marisa, accompanied by Sanae Kochiya, decide to search for the ship.

[edit] Gameplay

As a vertical-scrolling shooter, the character always faces north. Enemies will appear on screen, and the player must shoot them down, while maneuvering through the patterns of bullets. Some stages have mid-bosses, bosses that appear in the middle of the stage. At the end of each stage, a boss appears. These bosses have multiple lives, backed up with many difficult Spell Cards.

[edit] Controls

  • Arrow Keys - Move the character in the direction of the arrow pressed.
  • Z - The 'Shot' button. Pressing Z shoots out bullets, and can be held down to continuously shoot.
  • X - The 'Bomb' button. Pressing X uses one of the bombs.
  • Shift (Left) - The 'Focus' button. Pressing Shift slows down the movement of the character, making it steadier to control.
  • Esc - The pause button. Pressing it pauses the game, and brings you to a menu of options.
  • ctrl (Left) - Fast forwards through dialogue.

[edit] Scoring

[edit] Enemies

Some of the enemies that appear on screen drop point icons. If the player gets enough points, they are rewarded with an extra life. Enemies also drop power-ups, which raises the character's power until it reaches 'Full Power Mode'. Upon reaching full power, all the bullets on screen are converted into points that are automatically collected. While at full power, if the character moves near the top of the screen, all of the items on screen are also automatically collected. It should be noted that a small amount of points are rewarded for shooting enemies, and a slightly higher amount of points are awarded for actually defeating them.

[edit] Points Icons

The point icons dropped by enemies are just one of the ways of collecting points. The higher on the screen you are, the more points the icons are worth. The amount of points each icon is worth is shown upon collecting them. The value is shown in yellow text if you are able to collect them at their highest value, and in white text if their value is below maximum. Note that the maximum value gets higher as you play on harder modes.

[edit] Power-Ups

There is a meter that keeps track of your power. It starts out at 0, when your attacks are the most weakest. By collecting Power-Ups, the number raises until it reaches 128, maximum power. When you reach this, a prompt will pop up that says 'Full Power Mode', and the power meter will show 'MAX' instead of a number.

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