Saber (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Health 14600
Magic Circuits 1


[edit] Introduction

Saber is Shiro's servant as well as the main heroine of the Fate path. Saber is the most loyal of all the servants who will never betray her master. She has a natural immunity to magic that stretches as far as even making her partially immune to her master's command spells. With overpowering abilities in every aspect all magus participating seek to make her their servant. Her identity appears to be that of the great King Aurthur. In the Nasuverse Aurthur's gender was lost in translation. Saber's signature attack is a giant beam of pure energy that is shot from her sword. She rarely uses her strongest technique however as she is afraid of "scorching the earth."

[edit] Command List

[edit] Weak Attacks

A A quick but weak punch. Can be linked up to 4 times or up to 6 times against a walled opponent. Does 85 damage.

8A A quick upward mid-air slash with her sword. Does 100 damage. 163 damage with invisible air.

2A A quick low slash with her sword. Does 85 damage. 149 damage with invisible air.

1A Saber performs a lower swing. Does 160 damage. 263 damage with invisible air.

3A Saber smacks the enemy with the hilt of her sword. Does 250 damage.

623A Saber does a jump and twirls in the air with her sword swinging. Does 400 damage. 756 damage with invisible air.

214A Saber takes a step forward and does a quick circular slash faster than the eye can see. Does 300 damage. 473 damage with invisible air.

421A Reforms Saber's Invisible Air.

[edit] Mid Attacks

B Saber does an overhand swing with her sword. Does 230 damage. 363 damage with invisible air.

8B Saber does a mid-air swing with her sword. Does 310 damage. 363 damage with invisible air.

6B Saber does a heavy overhand swing with her sword. Does 520 damage. 563 damage with invisible air.

2B Saber gracefully has her sword rise from the ground slashing her foe. Does 230 damage. 363 damage with invisible air.

4B Saber does a very heavy backhand swing that stuns her opponent. Does 700 damage. 770 damage with invisible air.

3B Saber performs a graceful rising swing that launches her enemy high into the air. Does 600 damage. 663 damage with invisible air.

9B Saber flips forward while swinging her sword to slam airborne enemies into the ground. Does 400 damage. 615 damage with invisible air.

214B Saber charges through most attacks and performs an overwhelmingly powerful horizontal swing sending the enemy flying back. Does 700 damage.

236B Saber charges forward and does an overhand slash followed by an underhand slash that sends the enemy airborne. Does 600 damage. 756 damage with invisible air.

[edit] Strong Attacks

C Saber does a horizontal swing with her sword. Does 230 damage. 363 damage with invisible air.

2C Saber does a low swing focused at the enemy's ankle tripping them. Does 330 damage.

8C Saber does a horizontal swing in mid-air. Does 300 damage. 363 damage with invisible air.

6C Saber does a medium speed horizontal swing. Does 300 damage. 363 damage with invisible air.

3C Saber takes a step forward and does a sweeping slash tripping her enemy. Does 700 damage.

4C Saber does a quick horizontal swing with her sword. 600 damage. 763 damage with invisible air.

236C Saber performs 3 slashes faster than the eye can follow. Does 820 damage. 882 damage with invisible air.

[edit] Throws

BC Saber instantly performs 2 slashes that send the enemy flying back. Does 1200 damage. 1332 damage with invisible air.

BC(While enemy is stunned.) Saber performs several lightning fast slashes and launches the enemy into the air where she delivers one final strike to send her enemy flying to the ground. Does 3264 damage. 3478 damage with invisible air.

[edit] Maneuvers

44 Saber quickly takes a hop back to avoid attacks heading for her.

66 Saber quickly sprints towards the enemy.

D Saber sprints counterclockwise around the opponent.

2D Saber sprints clockwise around the opponent.

236D Saber sprints counterclockwise around the opponent and then quickly switches to sprinting forward.

866 or 844 Saber does a flip in the air to move closer or further from the enemy.

[edit] Follow Ups

2BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Saber does a low slash on the downed enemy. Does 420 damage.

8BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Saber does a flip forward and slashes her downed enemy. Does 1120 damage.

[edit] Last Resorts

A+B+C Prana Burst: Saber's abilities increase all-round and every so often a burst of mana shoots out around her to hit the enemy.

236236A The Bounded Field of the Invisible King, Invisible Air: Saber swings her sword behind her and then unleashes all the wind around her sword at once by swing it forward. Does up to 2360 damage. Consumes 1 magic circuit.

236236B The Sword of Promised Victory, Excalibur: Saber readies her golden sword by swinging it behind her. The sword begins to glow and she performs a lightning fast overhand swing. At that moment an enormous wave of light is shot across the battlefield incinerating anything that happens to be caught in it's path indiscriminately. Does 4420 damage. Consumes 2 magic circuits.

236236C(During Prana Burst.) All is a Distant Utopia, Avalon: Saber throws the sacred sheath of her sword and it's energy surrounds her. When she is struck she readies all the strength of her Noble Phantasm into the tip of her blade which she unleashes in one concentrated strike upon her enemy. Has a special animation when struck by aerial opponents. Does 7000 damage.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Overview

Saber is the most well balanced servant in the game along with Archer. Saber unlike Archer however focuses on approaching and dealing massive damage over a short period of time. All of Saber's last resorts have a maximum projectile range allowing her to punish any character who is kiting.

[edit] Approaching

Saber's primary approach is 214B which has her completely ignore most attacks and projectiles while dealing damage of her own. She isn't invincible during the whole attack so it's uses should be reserved for approaching and starting wall combos. Any of her attacks that launch enemies into the air can be linked by relentless air combos with nearly infinite possibilities. Experiment and find some that suit your taste. Sabers first last resort is very powerful, cheap, fast, and has a long reach but it dispels your invisible air upgrade which means you need to find an opening to restore it. The 214B can be used to knock your enemy far enough away to reform your invisible air but you have to do your approach game all over again.

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