Rider (Crucis Fatal Fake)

Health 12000
Magic Circuits 1


[edit] Introduction

Rider is the servant of Matou Shinji. She is a tall beautiful woman with massive strength. Her identity is that of Medusa. Her forms is that of Medusa before she was transformed. In the Heaven's Feel scenario she fights alongside Shiro to defeat Saber Alter. Her mystic eyes "Breaker Gorgon" makes her one of the strongest servants in the war.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Weak Attacks

A Rider does a quick kick. Does 68 damage.

8A Rider quickly slashes in mid-air. Does 82 damage.

2A Riders swiftly stabs her enemy with her dagger. Does 68 damage.

3A Rider slides into her enemy. Does 117 damage.

236AB Rider leaps forward and stabs her enemy. Does 500 damage.

236AC Rider leaps over her enemy and slashes the enemy's below her. Does 500 damage.

8214A Rider dashes at the ground at a steep angle launching the enemy into the air. Does 500 damage.

[edit] Mid Attacks

B Rider does a quick fast slash with her dagger. Does 152 damage.

8B Rider slashes her enemy in mid-air. Does 172 damage.

2B Rider does a long stab low to the ground. Does 152 damage.

4B Rider swings her chain in an arc. Stuns running opponents. Does 550 damage.

6B Rider kicks the enemy. Does 318 damage.

9B Rider does a reverse flash kick. Does 504 damage.

236B Rider kicks the enemy into the air. Does 408 damage.

8214B Rider crashes down at her enemy at an angle and sends them flying back. Does 500 damage.

[edit] Strong Attacks

C Rider slashes her enemy twice. Does 300 damage.

2C Rider does a sweeping kick knocking her enemy down. Does 274 damage.

8C Rider kicks her enemy in mid-air. Does 172 damage.

4CC Rider swings her chain in two arcs. Does 810 damage.

236C Rider grabs the enemy with her legs and then flip the lucky enemy to their sides. Does 750 damage.

[edit] Throws

BC Rider kicks the enemy away. Does 1300 damage.

BC(while enemy is stunned.) Rider does a swift combination of dagger slashes and then jumps away. Does 2400 damage.

214A Rider grabs the enemy with the chain and she pulls the enemy towards the ground. Does 1000 damage.

214B Rider grabs the enemy with the chain and she slams them in the direction opposite her. Does 1000 damage. Does 1600 damage if they hit a wall.

214B(while the enemy is stunned.) Rider grabs the enemy with her chain and pulls them towards her. Does 1000 damage.

82B Rider slams the enemy into the ground and they bounce back up a bit.

236AA Rider grabs the enemy with her legs and the lucky enemy gets slammed into the ground. Does 1000 damage.

[edit] Maneuvers

44 Rider leaps backwards to get away from the enemy.

66 Rider sprints forward to approach the opponent.

D Rider sprints counter-clockwise.

2D Rider sprints clockwise.

236D Rider sprints counter-clockwise and then sprints forward.

844 or 866 Rider does a flip in mid-air to move closer or further from the opponent.

3D or 9D Rider twirls while moving sideways to dodge incoming attacks.

[edit] Follow Ups

2BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Rider slashes her downed enemy. Does 468 damage.

8BC(When enemy is knocked away or tripped) Rider front flips and lands on her opponent. Does 768 damage.

[edit] Last Resorts

A+B+C Self Sealing Temple of Darkness, Breaker Gorgon: Rider takes off her blindfold and all her parameters increase while all the parameters and attacking speed of the opponent decreases.

236236A Others Sealing Blood Temple, Blood Fort Andromeda: Rider stabs herself in the neck to create a bounded field that constantly drains the enemy's magic and adds it to herself.

236236B Bridle of Chivalry, Bellerophon: Rider charges forward through her enemy at the speed of light. Does 3000 damage. Consumes 2 magic circuits.

863214B(During Breaker Gorgon.) Bridle of Chivalry, Bellerophon: Rider heads for the sky and summons her Pegasus which she uses to rash down on her enemy at the speed of light. Does 6000 Damage. Consumes 2 magic circuits.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Overview

Rider is incredibly fast, has a long reach, can nerf the enemy's speed, drain the enemy's magic ,and is one of the few comboists in the game. In exchange she loses out heavily on damage.

[edit] Approaching

Rider has a simple approach game like Soichiro. She just has to spam her 214B until it grabs the enemy. If your back is facing a wall you can link it with a 236B and use that to open up a whole world of air combos.

[edit] Comboing

Combos are incredibly important to make up for her lack of damage potential. Your potential is maximized if there is a wall but there are some nice combos without a wall too. When you are going to start a combo without a wall you need to flow from 236B. Use A and B to poke to check if their defenses are down and then combo into 236B. Once the enemy is into the air use your basic air attacks 8A, 8B, 8C then do your air flip if you are skilled enough to do the rest of the 3 attacks. If this has brought you close enough to a wall do an air grab otherwise do 82B and then do 214A upon landing to pull the enemy down and finish with a 2BC follow up. If you have a wall to work with then start with either 214B if your back is a wall or otherwise 236B. Jump up and do you air mix from before and finish with 82B each time. Upon landing don't use your chain but instead do 236B again. Keep this up and finish with either Bellorophon or your 214B followed by 2BC followup. You can combo into your approach by using your 8236A to launch the enemy into the air and then use your air mix like you have been doing.

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