Nayuki Minase (awake)(Eternal Fighter Zero)

Nayuki Minase
Original Series Kanon
First EFZ Appearance Eternal Fighter ZERO –Memorial–
Combat Style Close Range:Rushdown


[edit] Introduction

Nayuki is a leading character from the visual novel Kanon and is one of the obtainable girls. She is Yuichi's cousin who has always liked him tremendously since childhood and is forced to properly confront those feelings when other girls start appearing on the scene.

In EFZ, Nayuki is all about close range combat - even moreso than her sleepy counterpart. She is one of the fastest most agile fighters in the game and needs to use those skills to close the gap for close up damage. Her speed is a reference to her role in Kanon, where she is the captain of the school track team.

[edit] Command List

[edit] Basic Weak Attacks

A (also possible from ground dash)

Nayuki performs a swift kick at the shins that can hit up to five times and misses the sixth. Unusally for a standard A attack it hits low, which makes it a good opener even against opponents doing a standing guard. Nayuki can perform this out of a dash, but a dash attack has some ending delay and the range means it doesn't combo as well into followups.

A (crouching)

She kicks out while crounched. Can hit up to four times and misses the fifth. Considering her basic A already hits low and for more damage then this seems somewhat pointless.

A (midair)

Nayuki raises her knee to smash into the opponent. Links easily into ground combos but the poor range can mamke it hard to hit with.

[edit] Basic Mid Attacks

B (close)(also possible from any dash)

Nayuki kicks out from standing. A mid height attack and combos easily enough. Makes a good opener when done out of a dash as it links more easily into A than 66A itself does and can be move cancelled as well.

B (far)

Nayuki leaps forward slightly doing a kick. Really just extends on to her combo.

B (crouching)

A low aimed kick. Standard low B attack. Worth using in low aimed combos.

B (midair)

A kick aimed slightly downward. One of Nayuki's best approaches due to its range and speed. Links into ground combos well.

[edit] Basic Strong Attacks

C (also possible from ground dash)

A strong roundhouse with good range. Does not cause knockdown. Normally the end of the move is laggy but can be cancelled into specials on hit. Unfortunately if it's part of a decently sized combo then a followup with anything is tricky due to the knockback. Could feasibly link into a RF 412C, or even 412A or 412B if the opponent doesn't recover fast enough. When done from a dash it causes knockdown, making it a surprise move.

C (crouching)

A slide kick. If you're close enough to an opponent then Nayuki will slide to their other side, making it good for escaping a wall trap. Causes knockdown so not possible to followup. Use against opponents abusing standing guards.

C (midair)

A long kick with good range. Has a slightly raised angle, making it trickier but still possible to strike ground targets. Firing it out just before Nayuki hits the ground provides the ideal strike zone and then removes all lag, allowing for followups. Probably her best basic response against aerial opponents.


A forward flip ending in an overhead kick. No combo potential but it's classed as a high attack and will slam through a crouching guard. Good for those instances but the laggy speed can be dangerous.

[edit] Throws

6C (close, ground)

Nayuki grabs the opponent and does a backwards somersault, throwing them in the middle of it to land behind her.

6C (close, air)

A very fast move that launches the opponent right across the screen behind Nayuki. They'll be on the floor before they realise what happened.

[edit] Special Attacks

236 + A,B or C

A version

Nayuki does a quick 2 hit kick combo. The attack is aimed low so it'll catch standing guards targets. Causes knockdown so use as a combo finisher.

B version

Nayuki does a quick 2 hit kick combo. Mid height aim makes this the easiest to block but it does have the trait of dragging Nayuki and the opponent backwards slightly and causes knockdown. Might be able to use it to bring targets close to a wall and then do a 2C to get on their other side for followups as they wake up.

C version

Nayuki does a quick 2 hit kick combo. The attack is aimed high and will cut through crouching guards so mix it up with A version. Causes knockdown so it's a combo finisher.

623 + A,B or C

A version

A swift backflip that kicks the opponent up. Not enough height to followup with much of anything even with an IC. Causes knockdown. A fine combo finisher.

B version

Similar to A version. The opponent is hit upwards by a backflip kick. This move moves Nayuki backwards slightly, making followups impossible but gives her some space.

C version

Performs two backflip kicks rising into the air. Consumes RF energy and causes knockdown. Powerful attack but the height and ending lag of the move prevent any proper followups.

412 + A,B + C

A version

A forward flip followed by a flying kick from her air position. Done off the ground veterans will be ready to block on sight so it's not much of a surprise move and has less range than it looks. Not an effective attack. When done from the air it boosts range and will serve better as a surprise tactic for targets chasing you.

B version

A forward flip followed by an overhead kick. Has the benefit of cutting through crouching guards but again it has too much startup time to catch players out. Less effective in the air as it has less range than her other aerial moves.

C version

Consumes RF energy to perform a three kick flying combo. A decent move with no startup that links easily from C, but if using ICs then you'll have no use for this. Without RF energy it's a simple flying kick with poor startup time. Same thing in the air.

214 + A,B or C

A version

Nayuki performs a spinning kick while moving forward. Does not cause knockdown and can be IC cancelled, making this an extremely lethal move when IC is available. In the air it does a slight rising version, but the low range makes it ineffective.

B version

Nayuki performs a spinning kick while moving forward. Causes knockdown and makes followups difficult. A decent finisher when RF energy is not available (eg if you just ICed from one combo into another).

C version

Nayuki performs an extended spinning kick while moving forward and slightly up. Causes knockdown and followups are near impossible. Uses RF energy and serves as a powerful combo finisher.

[edit] Eternity Specials

236236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Nayuki kicks a ball of frosty energy at a 45 degree angle. No use against opponents on the ground some distance away but one of the few that works well against aerial targets. Do not use this against walled opponents as the damage will drop.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. More powerful version of A. Again, avoid hitting walled targets with this.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Even more powerful version of A. If used against walled targets the height allows for some basic followups but not enough for any significant combo. Best to avoid walled targets as usual.

641236 + A,B or C (Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Nayuki summon a pair of snow bunnies that rotate around her, which will damage and freeze an opponent on contact. The attack lasts as long as time remains on the time gauge, with bunnies replaced as they are used up. However, a notable chunk of time is cut off whenever the opponent is hit by a bunny (blocked or not), allowing for a approx max of 3 hits before the move ends. Frozen opponents can be hit, allowing for interesting combinations.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Like A, Nayuki summons two snow bunnies. Time lost for bunny hits is less with this version, allowing for a max of 5 hits before the attack finishes.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Summons two snow bunnies as before. The attack actually provides a very fractional boost to the time gauge on a bunny hit. Not anywhere near enough to keep the attack going indefinitely, but it allows for an approx max of 10 hits. Great for trapping opponents in nasty combos.

214214 + A,B or C (midair)(Requires 1-3 bars of SP power)

A version

Uses 1 SP bar. Nayuki performs a flying kick down at a 45 degree angle. A rare air only eternity special that's handy against ground targets trying to keep their distance but landing it can be tricky. Can actually be IC cancelled allowing for a ridiculously powerful opener but make sure to cancel before the opponent is hit into a knockdown state, otherwise you'll just waste RF energy and not be able to do anything with it.

B version

Uses 2 SP bars. Same as A version with more power.

C version

Uses 3 SP bars. Same as A version with even more power.

[edit] Final Memory

236236S (Requires 3 SP bars and 1/3 health remaining)

Nayuki leaps into the air and throws her collection of oversized alarm clocks forward. This itself does no damage but the clocks begin a visible countdown. At zero they start unleashing a variety of attacks that can be near impossible to escape if caught. Nayuki can freely move during this time so rushing in and pulling off simple combos that don't cause knockdown is the best way to trap them in a ridiculous long combo.

[edit] Strategies

[edit] Countering Close Range

Nayuki has no long range attacks at all and almost nothing in the way of antiair. Her only real response to close range opponents is to get in there first and to guard well against counterattacks. Some of her moves have mid range properties but are also typically easy to see coming. 66B or 9B can be good to close gaps too and chain into further attacks. Make use of her speed to rush around the field and look for openings.

[edit] Countering Projectiles

Dash, pretty much. Nayuki is one of the fastest characters and has a long dash, which lets her close gaps easily. 214A from the air could work as well if you manage to jump over a projectile, but miss with the attack and you're wide open. Trap them against a wall and don't let them escape.

[edit] Basic Comboing

66B,A,A,B,B,2C for a basic combo works fine. If the opponent starts doing lots of crouching guards perform some 662C or 412B attacks to make them think twice. If you want to move cancel then the prior combo can be altered into 66B,A,A,B,B,C,412C.

If you're feeling more adventurous then you might want to try an IC combo, as Nayuki has a good one to practice on where she can IC cancel out of 214A and lead straight into midair A attacks. 66B,A,A,B,B,214A,IC,A,A,A,A,B,B,214B is entirely possible, but obviously requires some RF energy to do the IC. Don't try and IC out of 214B or 214C because they cause knockdown and you won't get in anything more than basic air attack followups at best.

[edit] Notes

  • Nayuki is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep once. Once Nayuki has air dashed/backstepped, she cannot perform any more air jumps until she lands or air recovers.

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