Lilian Fourhand - Nuclear Soeur Fighters -

Lilian Fourhand - Nuclear Soeur Fighters -
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Developer(s) French Bread
Genre Side scrolling action
Platform PC
Release Date 2005 JP


[edit] Introduction

Lilian Fourhand is a side scrolling action game that uses characters and locations from Maria-sama ga Miteru. Players move from left to right shooting down all enemies that come along, ranging from the likes of birds and bugs to schoolgirls.

[edit] Characters

List of characters in Lilian Fourhand

[edit] Gameplay Overview

The game screen is split between foreground and background planes. Enemies in the foreground can be hit with the main shot attack or jumped on. Enemies in the back can only be hit with the lockon laser attack.

The screen scrolls by itself and the two chosen characters move forwards by themselves. Pits litter the stages that will knock off health if the main character falls in. If the secondary character falls in then she will be unavailable for a set period of time, at which point she will appear on the stage again.

Items will be dropped around the place - mostly notably from red birds if they are shot down. These items are:

  • Power - Increases the power of the main shot. Lasts until power gauge is drained.
  • Laser - Increases the number of maximum lock-ons for the laser shot. Lasts for a set period of time.
  • Invisible - Grants immunity to attacks. Lasts until invisibility gauge is drained.
  • Bonus - Gives a points bonus to the player's score.

Continues are available to the player in the main game. The number starts off low but increases steadily the more time the game is played.

[edit] Game Modes

At first only the main game is available, with a choice of three difficulty settings. Upon clearing the main game with all preset pairs of characters opens up the special games option, which includes things like endless, 1000 Junk (defeat 1000 enemies) and the ability to instantly play any boss battle.

Main Game

At first this is the only mode available, with a choice of three difficulty settings. Players progress through a series of levels the scroll from left to right, defeating generic enemies and bosses. Upon clearing the main game with all preset pairs of characters opens up the other game modes, located under the Special option.

Endless, 1000 Junk, 2 Minutes, 3 Million Points

These four game modes all operate off a similar structure. Players are dropped onto a level that looks like the first level but scrolls endless, is always flat and has no pits or bosses. Enemies enter the level with no limit, increasing in the number as time passes.

All 4 modes will end when the player has lost all their health. Additionally, 1000 Junk ends when 1000 enemies are defeated, 2 Minutes ends if the player survives for 2 minutes and 3 Million Points ends once the player's score has hit 3 million.

VS Boss

Players can use the special games option to fight against any ingame boss or sub boss without the need to play through the levels. These fights are conducted exactly the same as they are in the main game but the difficulty is always set to hard.

[edit] Game Screen

LiFo Screen.jpg

1) Character Names

Shows the names of the two characters being used. If a preset pair is used then their portrait is also shown at the topleft.

2) Health Gauge

Shows the remaining amount of health. In the main game the player must use a continue when health hits zero to carry on. In the special games this results in the end of the current playthrough.

3) Laser Gauge

Shows the availability of the laser shot. Players can lock-on and subsequently fire if this gauge is filled. Gauge automatically fills quickly when the main shot is not in use and empties when the main shot is being used.

4) Number of Lock-ons

Shows the current and maximum number of lock-ons. Slots fill in with pink as lock-ons are established and revert to black when a laser shot is fired.

5) Special Gauges

When the power shot and/or invisibility powerups are collected these gauges appear to track how much use is left in them. The Power gauge drains as the main shot is used. The Invisibility gauge drains over time.

6) Chain Display

Appears when performing a combo and shows the number in the chain and the resulting points bonus.

7) Score display

Shows the current and high scores.

8) Radar

A radar of the current area. The white box represents the viewing area, although the radar extends beyond that. White dots represent the player characters. Red dots are foregound enemies. Orange dots are background enemies. Green dots are the projectiles fired by players. Blue dots are items.

9) Lock-on

Displays on an enemy when the player's laser shot is locked onto them and ready to fire.

[edit] Controls

Note that these are the default keyboard commands. A gamepad can also be used.

W - Aim upwards.
S - Crouch.
A - Stop moving.
D - Move forward faster.

N - Fire backwards.
, - Fire forwards.
M - Jump.
. - Dash.

[edit] Detailed Abilities

Main Shot (N or ,)

The primary attack method. Both girls will fire in the given direction. This attack is designed to hit enemies in the foreground.

Laser Shot (Don't fire to lock on, N or , to fire)

While on Auto-mode, if there are enemies in the background that can be hit with laser fire, then your girls will lock on to them when not firing. Pressing to fire when locked on will fire lasers at them as well as using the main shot. This attack is designed to hit enemies in the background.

On Manual-mode, holding down on either main shot button will lock on to target and releasing it will fire the attack.

Jump (M)

A simple high jump. Movement direction can be controlled in the air. A midair jump is possible by pressing M again in the air, but after this the characters must land before another midair jump is possible.

Dash (.)

The girls perform a quick dash in a given direction. There is a brief moment of invulnerability during a dash, allowing the girls to move through attacks. Dashes can be performed in the air as well.

[edit] External Links

Official Lilian Fourhand Website

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