Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo
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Developer(s) Four Leaf Studios
Publisher(s) Four Leaf Studios
Genre Visual Novel
Platform PC

Katawa Shoujo (かたわ少女, lit. "Disability Girls" or "Cripple Girls") is a Visual Novel by Four Leaf Studios. It is set in Yamaku High School, a school specifically for the disabled.

Players take on the role of Hisao Nakai who, after a very normal life, is suddenly diagnosed with a heart problem and is later transferred to Yamaku High after a long Hospitalisation. The game then follows him though his journey through his new life, as he meets new people and makes new friends, even maybe finding love. The 5 story routes correspond to the 5 main female cast members: Emi, Hanako, Lilly, Rin and Shizune.

Katawa Shoujo is under development by an international team of amateur developers with the Ren'py engine, and will be released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License.

The game was released on January 4, 2012. You can download it free-of-charge at its official website here.


[edit] Story

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[edit] Characters

[edit] Major Characters

[edit] Hisao Nakai


The Protagonist. The Player Character. You. Hisao was an ordinary, apathetic highschool student, until he suffered a massive heart attack due to an undiagnosed heart condition. After a months-long hospital stay, he is finally released and transferred to Yamaku High, a school specially equipped to provide for medicated and differently-abled students. The idea of being in a 'Disabled' school unnerves him, but over time he begins to adapt, and gets comfortable with his new surroundings, making new friends along the way. Most of them female.

[edit] Shizune Hakamichi


The first of the five main females Hisao meets, Shizune is Class Representative of 3-3 (Hisao's class), as well as being the Student Council President. Despite being deaf and mute, she's earned herself a reputation as a strong-willed leader and fearsome taskmaster.

[edit] Lilly Satou


Lilly is a calm mother-like figure who spends most of her spare time in a room having tea. She is the class representative of 3-2. Despite being total opposites, her best friend is Hanako, who can also be sometimes found with her drinking tea. Lilly seems to be an avid reader, having books imported in Braille for their library so she can read them.

Lilly has been blind since her birth.

[edit] Hanako Ikezawa


Hanako is extremely shy due to a traumatic experience during her past; her parents died when her house was burnt down. The same incident has left her with scarring down nearly a third of her face, extending to her right hand, at least. Her shyness isn't just being worried around people; she has the habit to go as far as panicking and even running away from any social contact. She wears her hair in an asymmetrical style that obscures the right side of her face.

As mentioned, Hanako's disability is her disfigurement and her extremely reclusive nature.

[edit] Emi Ibarazaki


Emi is one of the most happy and energetic girls in the entire school. She considers her disability a blessing; the prosthetic legs allow her to get to the top of her game as the top athlete in the track team rather than having to worry about injuring them. Emi lost her legs in an accident, and both are amputated below the knees.

[edit] Rin Tezuka


Rin has lost almost all of her arms due to a birth defect and the following surgery. Not letting this get in the way of her life, Rin uses her feet and mouth to do everything, including painting and eating (she is seen holding forks and spoons with her toes). Due to this, she wears the male uniform for convenience. Rin has the habit of thinking out loud, occasionally talking about abstract ideas that generally confuse anyone who she happens to come across.

[edit] Other Characters

[edit] Shiina “Misha” Mikado


Shiina is a loud an rambunctious girl who is on the student council and also acts as Shizune's interpreter. Along with interpreting direct conversations to Shizune and herself, she is seen in class constantly interpreting just about any speech she can hear, so Shizune can understand anything what's going on. Has a very distinct laugh.

[edit] Kenji Setou


Kenji Setou is the last sane man on Earth and is preparing for the Feminist Invas- Oh, hang on, thats HIS description of himself. Kenji is Hisao's neighbor in the room directly next to his. He always on a careful watch, calling Hisao a spy when he doesn't recognize him and even getting suspicious of his parents taking luggage into the room when Hisao moved in. He apparently has very detailed graphs and plans to prepare for the Feminist Invasion he believes is coming. And Puppets. He made sure to mention the puppets.

Kenji is partially blind, wearing thick-lensed glasses, and is a student in Class 3-2)

[edit] Akio Mutou


The hoomroom teacher of 3-3, Akio's greatest ability is to completely ignore anything irrelevant, including even the names of his own students.

[edit] Yuuko Shirakawa


Yuuko runs the Yamaku High Library. She is good friends with Lilly and is regularly importing new books in. She has the habit of saying too much, and is a little clumsy.

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