Drill Milky Punch

Drill Milky Punch
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DMP Cover
Developer(s) French Bread
Genre Arcade action
Platform PC
Release Date 2003 JP


[edit] Introduction

Lilian Fourhand is an arcade action game that uses characters and locations from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Muvluv. The goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible while trying to survive.

[edit] Characters

List of characters in Drill Milky Punch

[edit] Gameplay

All the action takes place on a single screen, where enemies pour in from all sides. Players must use their attack to knock down and eliminate these enemies. Knocking enemies into one another can also knock them down, putting a lot of focus on chain combos that defeat multiple targets in a single attack. As the game progresses the number of enemmies entering the field increases.

As well as normal enemies that are easily defeated in one hit the player must also battle bosses that will enter the field. Some bosses possess special traits such as projectiles and all will take multiple hits to defeat.

The normal game mode is the standard survival where players fight until all lives are depleted. This can be player either in solo play or with up to six human players at once. There are also two time attack modes consisting of two and five minute challenges, where preset waves of enemies appear and a player tries to rack up the best score while surviving until the end. Time attack is available only to a single player at a time.

[edit] Controls

Note that the controls cannot be altered. This game allows two players to use the keyboard. Order of command inputs are first keyboard player / second keyboard player / gamepad. Note that second keyboard player number inputs refer to the numpad.

T/8/Directional pad - Move up.
G/2/Directional pad - Move down.
F/4/Directional pad - Move left.
H/6/Directional pad - Move right.

Z/Left Arrow/Button 1 - Main attack.
X/Down Arrow/Button 2 - Fire forwards.
C/Enter/Button 3 - Show marker.
Space/Space/Button 4 - Pause game.
Button 5 - Face backwards and lock direction.

[edit] Gameplay Aspects

Main attack.

The primary attack method and used to defeat enemies or destroy projectiles. The attack can be charged by holding the button. Enemies hit by this attack and defeated and sent flying. Any enemies they touch when sent flying will also be defeated and sent flying, allowing for chain reactions. Projectiles (such as fireballs) can only be destroyed by a direct hit (and not by flying enemies). The speed of enemy knockback depends on how long the attack was charged.

It is possible to use the stun attack while charging this one and not disrupt the charge.

Stun attack.

This is the same kind of attack as the primary one but is weaker. This attack can still destroy projectiles but will only stun enemies and cause no knockback. This attack can also be charged by holding the button, but there seems to be no change when charged.

Show marker.

Used purely to find a player's exact location on the field by displaying a circle and player pointer on the character. Useful when the crowds are vast.

Face backwards.

When this button is held down the character will turn to face the opposite direction and will then lock facing that direction. This allows someone to move in one direction and attack in a different one. Releasing the button will return the character to facing the direction she walks.

[edit] External Links

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