Crucis Fatal Fake

Crucis Fatal Fake
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Developer(s) Light's
Genre 3D Fighting
Platform PC
Release Date October 2008 JP
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[edit] Introduction

Crucis Fatal Fake is a 3D fighter whose cast is entirely made up of characters belonging to Type-MOON's Fate/Stay Night & Fate/Hollow Atraxia. Though not as well known as some other Doujin fighters, Light's continues to provide patches that balance the gameplay and add new content such as new characters, stages, and music.

[edit] Game Summary

The game follows the Fate and Heaven's Feel paths of Fate/Stay Night. When you begin an arcade mode the path you take is automatically decided by your character combination. The story is completely absent from gameplay as you simply fight your character's enemies in whichever respective path they take. The game put emphasis on every fighting game aspect except for creating combos creating an incredibly unique fighting game experience.

[edit] Cast

Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Hollow Atraxia

[edit] Stages

[edit] Command Notation

Like many fighting games, CFF articles often use shortened terms to refer to control inputs, and thus simplifying things such as move lists.

Directional input is noted by numbers as set out on the numerical keypad on the right side of the keyboard, and are noted as if the character is on the left side of the opponent. When on the right side the player only needs to reverse horizontal commands (so 6 refers to pressing towards the opponent and 4 away from the opponent. 5 is used to denote a neutral press in some cases, although the omission of directional input commands can also signify this.

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Letters are used to show the attack commands.

A - Weak attack.
B - Medium attack.
C - Strong attack.
D - Dodge.

[edit] Gameplay Aspects

[edit] Tier List

[edit] Terminology


Masters are the primary character you choose. They have high fighting abilities but low health. When they die the match immediately ends. The exception is Illyasviel which does not participate in battle herself and instead requires the servant's death to acquire victory against.


Servants may have high or low fighting abilities as well as high or low health. When they die the match is not lost with the exception of Illyasviel as your master. Servants serve as your second character and are incredibly unique from each other.


All characters can use weak, medium and strong attacks which can be performed on the ground or in the air. Typically, the stronger the attack the slower it is. Pressing directions will alter the attacks used and different arrow commands can be input to use even more attacks or even Last resorts.(Ougis/Ultimates) See individual character pages for command lists.


At close range, pressing B+C will let you throw the opponent. Unlike other attacks a throw cannot be guarded and it can be performed in midair to strike with an air throw. If the enemy is stunned then you will execute a different but much more powerful throw. For Caster and Dark Sakura there are 3 different ranges for grabs that is dictated by a neutral press(medium reach), forward press(longer reach), or a backwards press(shorter reach.)


By pressing 8(up) you can jump. While in the air you have access to more techniques, special techniques, and even so ougis. In the air and right when you land you cannot block.


Double-tapping towards or away from the opponent will cause your character to dash in that direction. Different characters have different reaches and different types of dashes. See the character pages for more information.


Pressing away from the opponent will cause your character to block attacks. You can guard while crouching as well but you'll still take minor damage from either one. You can avoid grabs and grab based ougis as well with the exception of Soichiro's 2nd Last Resort.

Master Assists By pressing 2AB during a combo on the knockback blow you may be able to switch between characters as well as perform a sort of "mini-ougi" to do some extra damage. As any master with Caster as the servant or any servant with any master with the exception of Illyasviel 2AB or 6AB will have your partner assist you by performing an attack instead of blocking.

Magic Circuits Each master and servant has a set amount of magic circuits. These are shown as a bar with a number next to it at the bottom of your screen. Magic circuits are required to use command spells as well as Last Resorts.

Command Spells Every master has 3 command spells per battle while Dark Sakura and Illyasviel have infinite command spells. Command spells have several direct uses with any master and always consumes a magic circuit in the process. The command to use a command spell is A+B+C.

Rescuing When being attacked using a command spell will save the character being attacked. If a master is being attacked the servant will appear and blast the enemy away as well, however the attack does no damage. If the servant is being attacked then it will merely disappear. With Illyasviel as a master the servant is warped as far away from the opponent as possible.

Power Up Use requires 2 or more magic circuits and consumes a command spell. The servant is automatically summoned and/or gains additional power to all attacks. Secondary effects may activate for some characters, some characters gain new attacks while in this state, and all servants can use their most powerful Last Resort while in this state.

Magic Cancels In the middle of your attack combo with your servant with Illyasviel is your master you can activate the command spell command to consume a magic circuit to completely cancel your action. This can speed up your attacks and allow you to perform combos which would otherwise be completely impossible.

Last Resort This is the strongest attack a character can use. Some may only be used under certain conditions and may behave in different ways. They can take from 1 to 3 magic circuits to use. See character pages for more details. The command for most last resorts is 236236 A, B, or C.

[edit] Game Modes

Arcade Play through 6 battles. The first battle is always against lancer and the last boss is against the final enemy for the story path that the game chooses on it's own. This also means playing as the final boss can provide a different opponent than you would normally face. The other opponents you face are random in some instances or predetermined in others depending on the character combination you choose to use.


Choose a master and servant to fight against a master and servant of your choosing. You also get to pick the stage.

VS Human

Both you and another player choose a servant and master to fight against each other. The players choose the stage.

Versus Watch

Allows you to watch the computer fight each other. Pick the servant and master of both sides as well as the stage and just watch.

Training Mode

You choose like you would a VS CPU match however the enemy will act as a dummy that will move according to the training menu. Neither character is able to die however you can set the health and magic circuits to run out if you so feel like it.

Network Play Network Play allows you to play against a random opponent searching for a random opponent or you can use direct IP to fight someone.

Option Let's you change the difficulty, sounds, and set global handicaps for magic circuits and health.


Allows you to watch saved battles.

[edit] External Links

Official CFF Website

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