Blood -over-

Blood -over-
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BO Cover
Developer(s) 9thNight
Genre Side scrolling action
Platform PC
Release Date August 2006 JP


[edit] Introduction

Blood -over- is a side scrolling action shooter that focuses on the demon hunter Shou and her maid Akari. With twin pistols (Shou) and a gatling gun (Akari) they progress through multiple levels defeating the unholy enemies that lust for blood.

[edit] Characters

List of characters in Blood -over-

[edit] Game Screen

BloodOver Screen.jpg

1) Difficulty Indicator

Shows the difficulty the game is currently set to.

2) Lives Counter

Shows the remaining number of lives available to the player. When Shou loses her last one a continue must be used, if the player has any.

3) Blood Gauge

Displays the amount of blood collected. 100 blood is used to activate special attacks and can be stocked up to a maximum of 300.

4) Health Gauge

Displays how much health Shou currently has. When this hits zero a life is lost.

5) Overkill Totals

Displays the amount of overkill earned in the current level and the total overkill earned during the current playthrough.

6) Current Overkill

Shows the amount of overkill bonus in the current chain. Only shows when overkill is currently being earned.

7) Hits/Damage Display

Shows the number of hits in the current combo and the amount of damage caused by it. Only shows when attacking an enemy.

8) Enemy Health

Shows how much health an enemy has left. When the gauge is emptied it will begin to fill with red to indicate the amount of overkill being earned from the enemy.

[edit] Controls

Note that these are the default keyboard commands. A gamepad can also be used.

Arrow key up - Jump.
Arrow Key down - Crouch.
Arrow key left - Move left (doubletap to dash).
Arrow key right - Move right (doubletap to dash).

Z - Fire gun.
X - Kick.
C - Akari's attack (requires 100 blood).
V - Pause.

[edit] Gameplay Overview

The player primarilly controls Shou, who uses twin pistols and some close range melee attacks to defeat her opponents. The game allows for a variety of attacks based on directional inputs with attack commands and also includes some limited use super moves. Akari travels with Shou but is used solely for a support attack.

The key element in Blood -over- is the overkill system. Once Shou has delivered a fatal blow on an enemy she has a very small time window in which to deliver extra damage that translates into overkill bonus. This is used for bonus scoring, where long overkill chains can result in high scores, and for the blood gauge, which is used to activate super moves.

The game includes a difficulty that automatically adjusts based on the ranks the player earns at the end of levels. High ranks will move players closer to the harder settings, while poor rankings will move back to easier difficulties.

[edit] Gameplay Aspects

[edit] Gun attacks

Standard shot (Z)

Basic gunplay attack. Shou shoots straight ahead. Pressing repeatedly produces a simple ranged combo.

Upshot (Down + Z)

Shou fires a single powerful shot upward at an angle. Launches most enemies into the air.

Explosive shot (Down, Left/Right + Z)

Fires a single powerful shot in the direction pressed.

Aerial shot (Z in midair)

Shou fires forward at a downward angle. Can be repeated for a ranged combo and each shot will add a slight delay to her fall.

Downshot (Down, Left/Right + Z in midair)

Fires a single powerful shot at a sharp downward angle and Shou uses the recoil to flip backwards in the air.

[edit] Melee attacks

Swift kick (X)

Performs a simple quick kick.

Slide kick (Down + X)

Shou slides forward with her leg extended. This move bestows some invulnerability frames and thus can be used to slide through attacks and enemmies.

Crescent kick (Down, Left/Right + X)

Shou flips upward, swinging her leg to kick nearby enemies and launch them upward.

Aerial kick (X in midair)

Performs a kick in the air.

Drop slide kick (Down, Left/Right + X in midair)

Shou swiftly drops to the ground and slides forward a slight amount. Like the ground slide kick, this can be used to slide through attacks or enemies.

[edit] Specials

Akari (C)(Requires 100 blood)

Akari readies her gatling gun and then sprays bullets in a wide angle in the direction she is facing. Shou is immune to damage during this attack.

Note that if the player has a maxed out blood gauge and are hit by an attack then this attack activates automatically at the cost of 150 blood.

Super shot (Down, Left/Right + Z + X)(Requires 100 blood)

Shou fires an exceptionally powerful single shot straight ahead.

[edit] External Links

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